The Body, 2018

It is an American horror anthology that was under the direction of Paul Davis from the script he wrote with Paul Fischer from the 2013 short movie of similar name also wrote by the duo.

Cast Lists

  • Tom Bateman appeared as Wilkes
  • Raymond Forchion appeared as Hank
  • Sasha Grey appeared as herself
  • Patrick Hume appeared as Homeless Guy
  • John Landis appeared as the Man in Bathroom
  • Rebecca Rittenhouse appeared as Maggie
  • Alex Winter appeared as The Voice
  • Max Adler appeared as Officer Freer
  • Chasty Ballesteros appeared as Bubblegum Girl
  • Harvey Guillén appeared as Nick
  • Allie Goertz appeared as the Dive Bar Singer
  • David Hull appeared being Allan Morgan Adams
  • Aurora Perrineau appeared as Dorothy
  • Ray Santiago appeared as Jack Baker
  • Charlotte Evelyn Williams appeared as Party Girl


The Professional hitman Wilkes had finished killing the never-to-be-labeled popular guy in his lavish residence. Tasting the casu marzu and sipping the glass of a dead man’s wine, Wilkes receives a phone call from the employer and allows him to know that he is done with the work. The only thing that is left is to take out the body. Wilkes squashed it up like one mummy and pulls it by the street and into the hotel lobby. He was seen by some people, but they assumed it is all included in the Halloween costume.

While at the city roads, Wilkes bumped into 3 young people who had been on their lane to the party. Thinking that his costume is really cool, they asked him to unite with them, and he accepted the offer just to have a ride to be away from the policemen, who are close by investigating about the vandalism of those parked vehicles.

The party itself has been an elaborated Halloween costume party that was held at the mansion, and then hosted by the trust support baby Jack Baker. Wilkes dragged the wrapped body in, and it attracted the interest of the partiers who believed that it is another prop. The silent Wilkes had no use for that party. He doesn’t attempt to also hide who he really is, relying instead with everyone’s acceptance that it is really part of the Halloween act. He’s talk up by Maggie, the employee of Jack who’s dressed as Marie. She agreed to provide him the ride to leave that party. But, their departure has been slowed by a gang of party-goers namely – Nick, Jack, Alan, and Dorothy – who finally discovered that the body is real. Upon the revelation, Wilkes killed Nick by using a thrown knife, vows to kill also the others. But then, Jack tricks Maggie to open a booby-trapped closet, and the interruption permits Alan, Dorothy and Jack to escape with that body. Jack locates the policeman and takes him to the corpse in the parking garage.

Into The Dark — “The Body” – A sophisticated hitman with a cynical view on modern society finds his work made more difficult when he has to transport a body on Halloween night, but everyone is enamored by what they think is his killer costume. Wilkes (Tom Bateman) and Maggie (Rebecca Rittenhouse), shown. (Photo by: Richard Foreman, Jr. SMPSP/Hulu)

Writer’s Notion

While the movie is not really the most compelling movie that you can watch, although, it is interesting enough that it can hold easily the attention of the viewers all the way throughout the scene, and is very nattily written. The movie is very much enjoyable during its first half episode, although the resolution will let you down a bit.

There is a bit of everything with this movie: there is humor, gore, drama, and action. It also fits in the holiday theme or Halloween that is nearly approaching. While the major topic of the piece can be that the plot is the type of all in a place, the atmosphere and the acting are just enough to make it watchable from end to end. In this point, I am still as intrigued with the concept as I’m the execution. “The Body” did their job well for sure.

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