The Boy (2016)


The movie is a mix-up of American-Chinese horror, psychological movie by director William Brent Bell with writer Stacey Menear.

The Cast Lists:

Lauren Cohan played as Greta Evans

Rupert Evans played as Malcolm

Jett Klyne played as the young Brahms Heelshire

Diana Hardcastle played as Mrs. Heelshire

Jim Norton played as Mr. Heelshire

Lily Pater played as Emily Cribbs

Ben Robson played as Cole

James Russell played as adult Brahms Heelshire

The Story Line:


Greta Evans is the young lady from Montana that was hired by the Heelshire family as their nanny. Upon coming in the Heelshire house in the UK, Greta meets the grocery man, Mr. Malcolm, with Mr. & Mrs. Heelshire. The aged couple showed Greta a kind of porcelain doll that they named as Brahms and treated like their own son. Throughout the next day, this couple trained Greta about the right way on how to take care Brahms and their house, leaving her some rules listed to follow, and then leaves to have a holiday.

Originally, Greta was doing a normal routine life and ignored the rules. She habitually calls Sandy, her sister, who was telling her that her rude ex-husband Cole was trying to discover where she really is. Malcolm stopped over to give the groceries, and Greta discovered then that the actual Brahms was murdered 20 years ago through a fire during his 8th birthday. Greta then accepted Malcolm’s proposal to show the town to her and ignored the rules again, and prepared herself for the date. But, she was attracted by an odd noise in the attic and then locked up.


Malcolm locates where she was and they briefly talked about the actual Brahms. Weird things started to happen like phone calls that were cut off, a child’s sob that is being heard at the hallways, and the doll that seemed to move personally, and vanishing and reappears elsewhere inside the house. After taking a phone call wherein the child’s voice insists over her to go over the rules, Greta locked herself inside the room.

The Writers’ View:

The movie is a kind that was set from a sequel, but the rest of the film was beautifully paced and stylized, it is a suspenseful and troubling ’60’s British created thrills with an added surprise finale and faster pace. From the start, Cohan rarely makes bad decisions with movie choices like this because she makes it really believable, like what she does with the other horror movies. This film was written, acted and photographed maturely, reminding everyone of a real Twilight Zone chapter that slowly unfolds and revealed the layers of mysteries within the movie. There were still more questions that will be answered as the film progresses through the end that will permits the viewer to fill in their imagination.


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