The Children, 2008

The British horror thriller movie had been set around the holidays of New Years and under the direction of Tom Shankland.

Cast Lists

  • Eva Birthistle appeared as Elaine
  • Stephen Campbell Moore appeared as Jonah      
  • Stephen Campbell Moore appeared as Jonah      
  • William Howes appeared as Paulie
  • Hannah Tointon appeared as Casey
  • Rafiella Brookes appeared as Leah
  • Jeremy Sheffield appeared as Robbie
  • Eva Sayer appeared as Miranda
  • Jake Hathaway appeared as Nicky


Casey is the rebellious teenage girl who had been travelling with Elaine, her mother, Jonah, her stepfather, and her two little half-siblings, Paulie and Miranda, to spend the holiday of New Year in the secluded home of Chloe, the sister of Elaine. Chloe, Robbie, her husband, and their two kids, Leah and Nicky, welcomed their visitors. Shortly right after arriving, Paulie move near some of the bushes and starts vomiting, which the matured one considered is because of the travel sickness or with some random bugs as usual for kids to catch.

When the dawn progresses, Leah and Nicky also starts to show some symptoms of the illness, and Leah’s vomit had shown magnified, wherein odd bacteria are propagating exponentially. As everybody goes to sleep, the family cat, then, Jinxie, went missing. Casey, go back in the forest, over the phone with the friend makes tactics to escape later then, attend the party, when she had startled by the cat Jinxie snarling. But, she had not been able to find the cat, as waste of the kids had been seen playing inside the bedroom, most of their play forewarning violence. Then, during the following day, all of those kids had become infected and seemingly pale. Casey had made the contact with her buddy who is to arrive, take her up at two p.m. The men and the children were playing under the snow, and then, one of those kids had Jinxie’s collar at the playhouse or tent.

At a point Jonah had been discussing about a virus with Robbie, and then Miranda is whining since she felt poorly. Paulie shoves the sled downhill that beats Chloe, grazing her. And Jonah is just angry enough to slap Paulie. Robbie went out to smoke the blunt at the greenhouse, and then Casey joined him, asking when she will be able to have some. He saw her tattoo and asked about it. It’s the fetus an umbilical cord attached in her belly button, as represented Casey herself “the abortion which got away”. Chloe walked in and interrupted them. During dinner time, Chloe mentioned the tattoo and then Elaine became upset. Miranda then had the violent burst, scraping Chloe and ruined the food. Whilst Jonah tried to comfort Miranda upstairs, Robbie took the other kids outside to play with the snow.

Writer’s Notion

Two families have gathered at the remote house for the Christmas season and the New Year holiday. But, the young kids affected by something at the forests, started to turn on those adults. The movie was really a welcome surprise. One of the major causes that the movie is enjoyable is that it never explained why the kids are doing what they’re doing. It is suggested there is a thing in the forest to blame, but it’s never fully explained. Also, in the same manner this is similar to the other movies that are also very nice.

There are lots of movies that are trying to explain what had been going on, but a great horror movie will leave it just open and this approach is working better. The movie casts are all really doing great with the special mention of Eva Sayer being one of those kids, and Hannah appeared as Casey who is the only teen among the crowd. One of the cleverest things about this film and there are lots of things to like is just how adults are reacting as the events is getting out of control.

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