The Collection 2012

pageThe Collection is the continuation of the movie The Collector, it was made available to the public in 2009. Though insufficient fund, but came successfully for a box office income. At that time, I really adored it, it was well compact and has an adequate velocity, and with a great hostility thrill.

Looking at The Collection tells me that another fantastic movie is out because I consider the initial film as somewhat a unique movie and the exact people involved in are truly great, specifically Marcus Dunstan who is the co-writer and director together with his longtime buddy Patrick Melton. This people behind the first film is also the same people who produced this movie.

The film starts following the initial movie, we acknowledge again Josh Stewart as Arkin, who was caught again by the gloomy “Collector” (Randall Archer), a guy with a fleece masked who has executed a lot of killing across a city, at the conclusion of the initial movie. We welcome him again when we perceive our new hero, Emma Fitzpatrick as Elena, steal out to a club with 2 of her buddies only to see most of the people be murdered by a revolving metal cutting edge fix efficiently through a lot of small obscure wires that could be bang off at any time.

the collection 3Maybe it is because my inner brutality side was set free or the truth that I’ve perceive almost none at all but terrifying schlock, I was pleased during much of the brutality and horrific adventure that happens to the The Collection. They are done with expertise and invented something similar to a Final Destination, where one small thing creates an even huge thing, which could explode an even larger thing that can murder the weak victims. It gets cycled, but same sequence is so enjoyable and extreme that you can feel you need to respect for what you have just seen.

Dunstan understands what he is doing with a camera in his hands, and did his best to stray from the pointless follow up the vibe by attracting in recent ideas that “The Collector” did with his fatalities, and how he remains them held in this tumbledown building with no sunshine or clean air. The initial movie happens mainly in somebody’s house, but owning this one take place in a storehouse gives a lot of a claustrophobic and unsettled vibe, which feels creepier but unluckily, is not using enough.


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