The Colors of Christmas Horror Movies

What do are thinking of when you heard the word “Christmas movie”? The ones that will come to your mind are possibly the holiday classics such as the Christmas Story, but as any horror fan knows, these heartwarming movies are not the only festive viewing alternatives this time of the year.

The most terrifying with the original plot horror movies revolves about the holiday that you least expect during the Christmas.

So, when you want to tremble up your typical Christmas movie night habit this year, grab your group of bravest friends and then settle in for a holiday horror film. All of the films listed can be watched for free and so watching them will be as easy as sorting. Just remember, that the best horror movies for Christmas are not for the weak heart — so you may want to line up one of the more light-hearted film recommendations when you are done with the most freaking one.

Black Christmas, 2019

Hawthorne College had been quiet down for the Yuletide season as the learners take a trip going back home to spend the time with the families. But when Riley and the sorority sisters prepared to deck the hall with the seasonal parties, the strange cloaked figure began to leave the bloody trail all throughout the campus. Rejecting to become hapless victim, Riley with her friends settled to band altogether and then fights back against that psychotic Christmas murderer.

Black Christmas: The Night Billy Came Home, 2016

The movie is the sequel of the 1974 movie from the world of reality wherein the sorority of the Phi Kappa Sigma had been stalked and preyed ahead the unknown killer.

Red Christmas, 2016

The widow and her backbiting clan gathered at the remote estate during Christmas Eve. She should protect them all soon from the hideously deformed murderer who’s out for that bloody revenge.

Black Christmas, 2015

This is the ghost of the tortured prisoner of the war came to terms together with his reality.

Bloody Christmas, 2012

At the little city of Police had been looking for the child killer. In the meantime, Rich Tague had been the action movie star of the 80’s, was trying to find out the real of Christmas as he’s playing Santa on the Public Access television show. He fantasized about killing the people that make him sinful. Will he have that strength to not become on his own wicked list?

Black Christmas, 2006

This holiday season turned deadly for a crowd of sorority sisters (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Katie Cassidy, Lacey Chabert, and also Michelle Trachtenberg) who were stranded at the campus house during the snowstorm. These coeds should better watch out, to the vicious murderer that is on their loose, and he’ll not care when they are nice or naughty.

Black Christmas, 1974

Since the winter break starts, the team of sorority sisters, with Jess and the usual inebriated Barb, start to take anonymous, lascivious telephone calls. Originally, Barb eggs a caller on, but halts when he responded threateningly. Soon, Claire, Barb’s friend went missing from their sorority house, and the local adolescent lass had been killed, leading the lasses to suspect the murderer is on the loose. But nobody realizes about how close the culprit is.

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