The Conjuring 2 (2016)


The film is an American horror movie of director James Wan with writers Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes, David Leslie Johnson and Wan. It is the follow up of the 2013 movie of the same title and it was the second episode of The Conjuring movie series and it is the third with the franchise. The movie gained positive reviews and has grossed more than $320 million worldwide. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson repeated their roles as the paranormal examiners and being writers Ed and Lorraine Warren from the initial film.

The Cast Lists:

Bonnie Aarons played as Valak or Demon Nun

Kent Allen played as Daniel Wolfe

Bob Adrian played as Bill Wilkins

Robin Atkin Downes as the voice of Bill Wilkins

Joseph Bishara played as the true figure of Valak

Javier Botet played as The Crooked Man

Steve Coulter played as Father Gordon

Kate Cook played as Mrs. More

Maria Doyle Kennedy played as Peggy Nottingham

Simon Delaney played as Vic Nottingham

Lauren Esposito played as Margaret Hodgson

Cory English played as Skeptic Kaplan

Vera Farmiga played as Lorraine Warren

Shannon Kook played as Drew Thomas

Benjamin Haigh played as Billy Hodgson

Thomas Harrison played as Peter

Sterling Jerins played as Judy Warren

Elliot Joseph played as Constable Joseph

Patrick McAuley played as Johnny Hodgson

Simon McBurney played as Maurice Grosse

Frances O’Connor played as Peggy Hodgson

Franka Potente played as Anita Gregory

Chris Royds played as Graham Morris

Abhi Sinha played as Harry Whitmark

Emily Tasker played as Emily

Debora Weston played as Talk Show Host

Patrick Wilson played as Ed Warren

Madison Wolfe played as Janet Hodgson

Annie Young played as Constable Heeps

The Story Line:

In 1976, paranormal researchers Lorraine and Ed Warren documented the Amityville house massacre, to find out if a demonic occurrence was truly to blame for Mr. Ronald DeFeo Jr., murdering his family on the 13th of November, 1974 and the succeeding haunting event involving the Lutz kin. During the séance, or the contact with the dead, Lorraine is tired in an apparition where she revives the killers and find out discovers a demonic nun stature, before witnessing Ed being deadly spear. While she was repressed by the stature, Lorraine was able to get away from the vision.

conjuring 21.png

After a year in year 1977, the Hodgson clan started to find out odd occurrences in their house in London. Janet, the next oldest child of the four children, was seen sleepwalking and talking in her dreams with the body in the figure of an old angry man, who asserts that the home was his. Finally, Peggy and all siblings of the house witnessed the paranormal events happening in front of them, obliging them to look for protection from their neighborhood. When the media tried to interrogate the Hodgsons, Janet was obsessed by the angry old man, Bill Wilkins, who is exposed to have formerly stayed and died in that house and wanted to claim it. Janet then started to manifest signs of demonic control and the tale finally reached the Warrens, who were appealed to help the local church with their investigation. In panic from her vision of Ed’s deceased becoming a reality, Lorraine, advised him not to be too occupied with the case, and unwillingly assent to go to London.

The Writers’ view:

The movie was incredible and will make someone jump at everything in it is really scary. To be honest, there are only few scary films that really threaten our teenagers now. At a certain point, The Conjuring will really make you hide or jump all over and that is our reason why we watched horror films. All actors show amazing performances and there is no point in the story that will make feel bored at all since they never disappoint to scare us. Walking out of the cinema will make you imagine what awaits you when The Conjuring 3 will be made.


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