The Dark and the Wicked, 2020

This American horror movie is directed and written by Bryan Bertino. The movie had their global premiere at Fantasia International Movie Festival on 28th of August, 2020. Prior to, the RLJE Films acquired the distribution rights of the movie and then set it for its release on November 6, 2020. The movie had been scheduled to have their world opening at the Tribeca Movie Festival in 2020 in April but the festival had been cancelled because of the pandemic cause of corona virus disease or COVID-19.

Cast Lists

  • Marin Ireland appeared as Louise
  • Julie Oliver-Touchstone appeared as the Mother              
  • Michael Abbott Jr. appeared as Michael
  • Xander Berkeley appeared as the Priest
  • Tom Nowicki appeared as Charlie
  • Michael Zagst appeared as the Father
  • Lynn Andrews appeared as the Nurse
  • Ella Ballentine appeared as the Young Girl


Michael and Louise are distant brother and sister who are being brought back to the place where they both grew up, the farm owned by the family, when their father turned to be deathly ill. The mother had been acting strangely and seemed to be disturbed by the unseen existence. As time passes by, Micahel and Louise began to understand what’s happening to their own mother as the similar presence makes it identified known to them within increasingly horrifying and deadly ways.

Writer’s Notion

The actors acting were all great and the cinematography again is A+. The special effects which all depends on the gore and the savor of blood. Personally, it has been thought it had that gruesome part; however, not on the top. That is, there are some that rated it as 8 or 10.

The scare factor was that during the start of the film, the mystery of an entity is absolutely malevolent and seemed to take pleasure taking the time before the killing. It has a cool concept, however, as the movie goes along, the horror becomes more expected and the major characters, as the apparently level leaded as they are, do not act rationally, and the movie becomes the house of cards at the end and collapsed without the proper ending. Do not think that the movie is really a bad one, but it could have been better because it can give more and that was the disappointing part. However, the movie is still recommended to watch as there aren’t many options for the good movies period when compared to those other junk movies.

The primary 2 minutes will get you excited when you watch this movie, like the dark atmosphere, great sound and crisp cinematography. As you watched this movie, you will be interested about where will you will be lead by the movie… Sad to say, in an hour of watching, the movie was still going blank.

Yes, its atmosphere is fantastic, and its decorations are immersive, however, there’s just no damn tale which is a shame. It would have been a stunning indie horror as this had the decent creepiness which did get your heart beat up twice or even once.

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