The Demented

This is another zombie movie this year aside from World War Z. This is directed by Christopher Roosevelt. The stars are Kayla Ewell, Richard Kohnke, and Ashlle Brian. Since I am a fan of zombie movies, I didn’t miss watching this one and find myself watching it in a cinema.


This movie is about six college friends went to the Louisiana Bayou estate to have a fun weekend getaway. During their happy times, the group is warned that the US is being attacked by terrorist using biological weapons. They think that that danger zone is just far from the area so they didn’t bother about it. Accidentally, the enemy bomber crash outside the nearest city, which turned the entire community into zombies.

Low Budget, Less Gore

The storyline is very simple and I think this zombie film is created by beginners. This film has a low budget so that’s why it has several flaws. Honestly, I was not satisfied watching the entire film. This film doesn’t have enough blood, gore and violence. If you are expecting gory, this film lack of it. However, it has great actors. But, when talking about the props used by the zombies, I think they couldn’t afford to buy the materials needed to make these zombies look like real zombies.

Lots of screaming, shouting and yelling 

As the movie progressed, it shows a lot of screaming, shouting, panicking, running, yelling as the zombies try to dilute the group. It is a bit annoying and the screaming is quite hamming. The special effects are so poor. It didn’t help to beautify the entire film. Because it has a low budget; probably, they couldn’t give the nice special effects. The cinematography and sound effects are quite lacking.

The ending is so confusing and horrible

The ending is so confusing and horrible. I was puzzled on the ending of this film. It is you who will decide for the ending. I think this film has the chance to be better, but as of now, it has a bad script, acting, props, production, and directing and splatter scenes. It lacked the necessary elements to beautify and enhance the production of the film.

In summary, this film has potential to be better, but due to lack of budget it is impeded to become one. If you want to see another zombie storyline which has a different zombie mannerism, you can find it in this film.


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