The Empty Man, 2020

The film is a supernatural thriller, horror movie written, edited and directed by David Prior from V. R. Del Rey and Cullen Bunn graphic novel of similar name published by the Boom Studios.

Cast Lists

  • James Badge Dale appeared as James Lasombra
  • Sasha Frolova appeared as Amanda Quail
  • Marin Ireland appeared as Nora Quail                    
  • Samantha Logan appeared as Davara Walsh
  • Stephen Root appeared as Arthur Parsons           
  • Robert Aramayo appeared as Garrett
  • Robert Coutts appeared as himself, The Empty Man
  • Tanya van Graan appeared as Allison Lasombra
  • Adam Ferguson appeared as Tulpa
  • Evan Jonigkeit appeared as Greg
  • Aaron Poole appeared as Paul
  • Owen Teague appeared as Duncan West
  • Ron Canada appeared as Detective Villiers
  • Joel Courtney appeared as Brandon Maibum


In the Ura Valley, in Bhutan in 1995; there are four friends, namely – Fiona, Ruthie, Paul and Greg who went hiking over the hills. Paul heard something calling him and fell in the crevice while investigating. Then, Greg locates Paul in his catatonic state, staring in an odd skeleton. The group carried Paul out and then takes refuge in the empty house as the snowstorm hits. The following day, Ruthie encountered the odd figure outside. That evening, Paul whispered something into the ears of Ruthie. The following day, Paul went missing. The group locates him at the snow close by the cliff. Ruthie became dazed before stabbing Fiona and Greg and throwing their corpse over the cliff. Then, she shared an entranced look to Paul before also throwing herself off.

In year 2018, the former detective known as James Lasombra worked at the security store and has been grieving the passing of Allison, his wife and Henry, their son, who died in an auto accident just last year. He is pals with the local lady known as Nora and the duo had been alarmed when Amanda, Nora’s daughter seemingly went away. The pair locates the message written through a blood inside the bath area stating that an “Empty Man pushed me do it”. Then, the policeman begins his investigation. James tracked down Devara, Amanda’s friend Devara, then, quizzes her.

Devara revealed that the couple nights ago, Amanda, Devara, and their pals Brandon, Lisa, Meyer, Duncan, and Julianne had been encouraged by Amanda that they should summon that Empty Man, one local legend. Amanda claimed that during their first day, they’re hearing The Empty Man, then, the next day they can see him, while on its 3rd day, he’ll locate them. They are doing the ritual and then Devara later witnessed Amanda whispered into the ears of Brandon. That evening, Devara was attacked by this Empty Man who killed her and then makes it appear like she murdered herself. James was unable to trace down the other friends of Amanda, and then investigated the bridge where they are. He blows into a bottle they used for summoning that Empty Man before locating those hanged bodies of Lisa, Julianne, Meyer, Brandon and Duncan with similar message written in the same blood that was located in Amanda’s house.

Writer’s Notion

If you are also someone who has not yet read the graphic novel, then, I suggest that you don’t judge the movie on a trailer, because, you will surely regret it. If you are a horror aficionado, this movie will be judged as something that is below the radar.

The actors acting was all good, although James stole the whole film with his incredible performance. Its jump scares were not numbered like with the likes of the Paranormal Activity, but it is also believed that jump scares are a cliché now. The movie pacing had been done very well; granted that the movie is more than 2 hours. The ambient auditory was spectacular and to be honest, one of the greatest sound styles for the horror movie that have been telecast before. The film cinematography was very well shot. When you can imagine the combination of Hereditary, It Follows and Sinister that rolled into one, however, it was executed wonderfully.

The movie is highly encouraged to watch, provided that year 2020 had been so thin about legitimate horrors and supernatural thriller movies, but this one is a gem within the darkness.

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