The Final Girls, 2015

The Final Girls, 2015The film is an American slashed comic movie, under director Todd Strauss-Schulson. The lead stars are Malin Åkerman as Amanda and Taissa Farmiga as Max Cartwright.

The film is about performing as a celebrity and Amanda here, the mother of Max auditioned for a movie. When she come back, Amanda protest that, for the remaining time for her profession, she’ll be identified for her character as yelling queen Nancy during the 1986 slashed movie Camp Bloodbath, that is today a cult classic. Then, on their way home, they met a car accident, and Max was the one who survived.

After the three years anniversary from the death of her mom, Max decided to make studies together with her crush Chris and best-friend Gertie. Duncan, Gertie’s stepbrother, a super fan of horror, appears and encourages Max to be present at a special double-introduction of screening of the Camp Bloodbath and the follow up. During the viewing time, Max is not happy to discover Chris’ domineering ex-girlfriend Vicki to be there. While the movie is shown, the raucous group unintentionally sets the cinema ablaze. In order to be safe, Max tears a hole in the screen. After that, Max, Duncan, Chris, Vicki and Gertie discovers themselves awaken in the woods. Then, they met characters of the Camp Bloodbath, with Max’s mother, in performance of a nice girl Nancy, and soon they understand that they have been transported in the movie. The crowd uneasily pass themselves off being the new camp counselors that arrive for the season, and allow the primary couple of murders took place without interference. But, when Duncan is murdered by Camp Bloodbath’s machete-sport villain Billy Murphy, then they just realize that they run the danger of being killed too.

The movie combination of both horror and comedy is usually a volatile recipe, but the crash to blend those components is just perfect that can upshot in disaster. Once in awhile, in the movie, something  come along that handles to stumbles the secret recipe for its victory, with Cabin in the Woods is just one of the recent sample.

The Final Girls, 2015

There are also few moments in The Final Girls film that gets a bit too stylish, like as poorly tendered untimely scene that occupies a vodka bottle that rolling diagonally on the floor of a full theater, and there are also times where the movie seems to renounce its personal rules in turn of an added laugh. But those are just minor protests, and the viewers at the Paramount Cinema didn’t permit these carp to detract from the total experience. The movie is a huge fun experience that locates a great equilibrium in between being the spoof from the genre, and the love letter of its absurdity.


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