The Gingerdead Man, 2006

The film is an American slasher movie of director Charles Band. The lead star is Gary Busey as the so-called Gingerdead Man, made from the mix of gingerbread spices and those ashes of dead serial murderer Millard Findlemeyer, who terrorized the small-town bakery.

Cast Lists

  • Gary Busey appeared as The Gingerdead Man or Millard Findlemeyer     
  • Margaret Blye appeared as Betty Leigh
  • Jonathan Chase appeared as Brick Fields               
  • Daniela Melgoza appeared as Julia
  • Robin Sydney appeared as Sarah Leigh   
  • Kaycee Shank appeared as Nurse, no. 2
  • Alexia Aleman appeared as Lorna Dean 
  • E. Dee Biddlecome appeared as Millard’s Mom
  • Larry Cedar appeared as Jimmy Dean
  • Debra Mayer appeared as Nurse, no. 1
  • James Snyder appeared as Jeremy Leigh
  • Ryan Locke appeared as Amos Cadbury
  • Newell Alexander appeared as James Leigh


In the Waco, Texas, the diner, the Cadillac Jack’s, crazed murderer Millard Findlemeyer unlocks fire over the Leigh family, murdering James and Jeremy, but leaving Sarah with Betty, her mother, alive. Findlemeyer had been arrested and had been sentenced to die through an electric chair. Right after the execution, Millard was cremated, and then his ashes are being dispatched to his mother, the witch that mixes the ashes to the gingerbread spice mix. A pastry shop that is being run by Leighs, The Bakery was in awful straits, and then Betty had been decreased to the shotgun-toting alcoholic; then, Sarah sends-out to her home with Julia, the Bakery employee.

Jimmy Dean attempted to purchase Sarah out, and so he may knock out The Bakery, that he bemoans as the eyesore. After swapping over hostilities with Lorna, the Dean’s daughter, Sarah deferred the decision. Another Bakery employee, Brick Fields and Sarah, find the strange gingerbread spice mix being left at the doorstep by the mother of Findlemeyer. They set in using the mix; however, Brick cuts himself, naively permitting his blood in polluting the dough. Sarah permitted him to leave so early, so he will pursue with his amateur wrestling vocation of being a Butcher-Baker at the Wrestlepalooza. Sarah makes the large gingerbread man together with that contaminated dough and placed it in the industrial oven for baking.  

Lorna had come back and then planted the rat at The Bakery so a health department will be able to shut them down; however, it has been discovered by Sarah. The fight ensues, during wherein Lorna hits the switch that made a surge of the electricity into that oven where a gingerbread man is being cooked and animating it. Lorna’s boyfriend, Amos Cadbury, who was tired of standing outside and waiting for her, arrived at the scene. Sarah takes- out the gingerbread from the oven, wherein the newly named “Gingerdead Man” jumps up and taunt them. They attempted to dead bolt the live cookie inside the freezer, and then Sarah tried to phone the police, unfortunately their line is dead.

Writer’s Notion

Sorry to say, but, this movie is one real mess. There are some pros and cons, although, the killer cookie is just the best part of it. Gary Busey in his presence either as a cookie or a living man is really amusing. While, the other artists are not really as bad as you will one will expect, either. But almost everything else in this film is dragging each other down, and not to mention that they have a very low budget for this movie. The great thing in this movie is that, it is one of those self-financed film. The movie clocks for about 60 minutes, and so, for this movie that had so lots of slow spots, it was really difficult to watch it.

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