The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

pageThe Haunting in Connecticut 2 Ghosts of Georgia could be a lot worse to fit with its given title. The film should remove those weird visual and lessened those traditional frightening effects. There should be more decency in acting and a proper ambiance to fit the mold of the film. The title is not even fitted on what you can watch in the movie, as a suggestion, the title should have been Ghosts of Georgia alone. To make a clear of the movie, it does not have any relation to the original film, and there are no traces of Connecticut either. The story is all about the Wyrick family that can also be watched in TV. A reenactment film named A Hunting in Georgia. The back story of the film was an arrangement in a not so solid striking ways and was not that effective at all. The narrative of the story have several breaks and failing to grasp the movie back and was not real or credible.

The overall performance is well mannered but not that impressive. Lisa Wyrick was played by Abigail Spenser, who is both a wife and a mother whom is under pressure of an agreed gift of speaking and seeing those dead people which both her daughter and sister seems to have the same gift too. Spenser was the one that brings the light and bears all the heaviness in this horror film, but since the script was not so good, her performance became limited. Andy Wyrick played by Chad Michael Murray as the father who gives a pretty weak acting and does not have that much part in the movie. While the artist in the movie Battlestar Galactica, Katee Sackhoff, plays as the sister of Lisa as Joyce Wyrick who has also the gift of talking and speaking with the dead. Katee presented an energetic acting here, but just like Chad, she was not given longer time to act more and perform her role, though she was one of those artists in the film that have shown memorable series in the movie, just like the one she have shown in the film when the needle tread are surprisingly coming out from her mouth. Heidi Wyrick played by Alyn Lind as Lisa’s young daughter, who had been starting to demonstrate indications of contacting with the as well. She astonishingly holds her own role and played fine in the film. The overall presentation of all the performers can be considered ok, but the only problem is the script that lacks appeal and profundity.

Tom Elkins is both the director and the editor of this film. Tom seems to be an editor that is gifted with lots of ideas in mind but it seems that being the first time director, he needs to learn a lot of things to differentiate the movie setting from an ABC family show set-up. You can notice in this film that the subject matter is not that powerful and influential, and the direction should be firm and pure. On the other hand, writer David Coggeshall had written many scripts before but all are in the TV series, but the essentials that the best ghost story must have because of the authentic story aspect of the film cannot be seen in this film. He was not as creative and as fashionable as he should be.

Furthermore, just forget about the introduction of the film and just go on to watch Ghosts of Georgia as it is, for it is not absolutely a continuation of “The Hunting in Connecticut”, it is a complete diverse story. The end of the film was neat to give emphasis to the image of a definite family from which this movie is based. The movie had bit moments of scariness and conspiracy but the tempo of the scene is slow. It is not that scary in most part. This is really not necessary and there is not point of saying that it is a sequel movie of the first one since it is really not. Their true story is perhaps more interesting than this film.


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