The Hole in the Ground, 2019

The film is a supernatural horror movie under the direction of Lee Cronin as his feature debut movie. The story followed the young woman who started to believe that the disturbing behavior of her son is connected to the mysterious sinkhole.

Cast Lists

  • Seána Kerslake appeared as Sarah O’Neill                             
  • Simone Kirby appeared as Louise Caul
  • Eoin Macken appeared as Jay Caul                                           
  • Kati Outinen appeared as Noreen Brady
  • James Quinn Markey appeared as Chris O’Neill                  
  • Steve Wall appeared as Rob Caul
  • James Cosmo appeared as Des Brady                                     
  • David Crowley appeared as Teacher 1


Sarah and Chris, her son, moved to the Irish scenery to begin a new life with the rented house that is next to the old forest after parting from Chris’s father. While steering down the road, Chris and Sarah almost hit the old woman known as Noreen standing at the core of the road, and caused side view mirror of the car to break off and fall. When she takes off from the car to get back the mirror, Sarah observes Noreen murmuring before she turned to look at Chris in stillness.

After going back home, Chris became frightened by the spider and Sarah grabs it inside the jar. Outside, Chris asked her why they go there without his father, then, he said that his father might not release the spider and instead killed it. The upset Sarah set free the spider that is in the jar, then, Chris stamps on the spider before it runs to her and to the forest. Sarah followed Chris, but was not able to seize him. She started to get worried and then finally comes upon the big sinkhole in the heart of the forest. Judging that her son has been hurt, she turned around in fear and discovered Chris standing after her.

At the dinner party with her friends that night, Sarah discovered that one of her friends had been in a similar class with James, Noreen’s son, when this pair was still teens. Her friend utters that Noreen once spouts into the class screaming just before being controlled and was brought to the office of the principal before the police officer arrived. James was therefore taken out of the school, and then after a few months, he was killed by Noreen right after she jogged him over. Later in the evening, Sarah wakes up from the sounds downstairs. She finds out that the door has been open, and she flees to the forest, considering that Chris ran away. After going back home, she called the police, and she discovered that Chris stands at the doorway of the bedroom. Sarah visited the doctor the following day and has been with anxiety medication.

Writer’s Notion

In the shell, this movie came across as one more semi-grade horror movie flick without merit. Their characters are not that developed and the big number of baggy ends that are not explained enforces the vision that the screenwriter and the director could not be bothered to pack in the gaps.

However, what seemed to be interesting is that, it appears to be on purpose. There is an obvious hidden parallel tale that runs alongside that one that has been presented to the viewers. The story can be seen from the Sarah O’Neill perspective that isolates herself and Chris in the remote house close to the forest. Her delusions slowly increased as the movie progresses, and also the viewer has been dragged to her world of fantasy when there has been no outside context to assist in separating fact from illusions. Delusion is the true focus of this movie and the last part of the movie is clearly one psychotic event that has been experienced by Sarah.

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