La Influecia

The Influence, 2019

This is a Spanish horror film entitled “La influencia” and it is movie under the direction of Denis Rovira van Boekholt as his directorial film debut. This movie is being based on the version from the novel with similar title The Influence’ wrote by the famous English novelist/author Ramsey Campbell in the year 1988.

Cast Lists

  • Manuela Vellés appeared as Alicia                            
  • Ramón Esquinas appeared as Abuelo
  • Maggie Civantos appeared as Sara                           
  • Mariana Cordero appeared as Mejido
  • Carlos Cuevas appeared as Fran                                
  • Marta Castellote appeared as Ana
  • Felipe García Vélez appeared as Tio Pedro           
  • Alain Hernández appeared as Mikel
  • Claudia Placer appeared as Nora                              
  • Daniela Rubin appeared as Luna
  • Emma Suárez appeared as Victoria


Alicia (Manuela Vellés) returned to their home. She fled away since she was a child, and she is now returning and happened to be the young family mother. Together with her spouse Mikel (Alain Hernández) and also together with their nine years old daughter Nora (or Claudia Placer), Alicia then looks to build again her life before while being forced to the scenario to confront the past that she thought she had already forgotten and the body that turn down to die: Victoria, is the overprotective matriarch of their family who had fallen into her deep coma and also barely survives is being connected to a machine.

When Alicia moves back to see her family home again and also to care of her dying mother, the nurse haunted by the childhood memories should struggle with the evil force that is inside the house.

Writer’s Notion

In this movie, it has been thought that maybe the Spanish has not been into any theater during the last 2 decade, however, there was nothing about the latest movie and certainly there is nothing scary. It moves slowly along and then goes back in forth at the plot points. A moment the daughter and the mother mutually seem to be working together and are being possessed, the next they are still both being possessed but working in strange. The grandmother wanted her physical body to die, and so the daughter tried to do it one time, wouldn’t you keep on trying until you succeed? As always, turning on the beam or allowing in any form of normal light so that the viewers would see even half of the movie, but, mind you that it is still best to just leave it literally in the gloomy and then just wonder at what is going on.

The movie is not a slow burn as what others are suggesting, but, it can be found as something disjointed and did not pace well. Really lots of things are happening now that you do not know what is the real story is all about, until towards the latter half, and this movie is a kind of revenge movie and that you will not know where to go on the activity of the story in the movie, and there is also the poltergeist activity too. The truth is, the movie is just difficult to watch.

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