The Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt 2011

The film is a comedy horror movie with an alternate, release title of “The Disembodied” by the Full Moon Features, which was also the sequel to “The Killer Eye” of 1999. The movie is unrated, but it contains strong language, sexual content, nudity, sexuality, violence, and there are also some gores.

Cast Lists

Erica Rhodes appeared as Jenna                                                           Olivia Alexander appeared as Giselle

Danielle Stewart appeared as the Voice of the Mother                    Chelsea Edmundson appeared as Rocky

Circus-Szalewski appeared as the Voice of the Crystal Ball              Lauren Furs appeared as Kiana

Ariana Madix appeared as Catalina


Jenna invited Rocky, Catalina, and Kiana to help her in decorating her family’s house for the Halloween is nearly approaching, while her mother will be away for the whole week. The girls settled to take the time off from decorating and so that they will have the chance to drink and dance. Then, Rocky discovered the copy of the horror movie like The Killer Eye, finalized with the plastic replica of a titular Eye. These girls started watching the movie, however, they find it horrible and decided to split off and do some other things. Secretly, the plastic eye becomes alive. It had that similar hypnotic power like the Eye from that movie they watched, and it uses them in hypnotizing Kiana into doing the striptease. When she began to break free with her trance, this Eye killed her first.

Then, The Eye hypnotized Jenna to make it out with Catalina; however, they had been interrupted by Giselle, who had crashed in the party. While Giselle had been taken downstairs by Jenna and Catalina tried to sleep, she was awakened and screamed too loud, then, this eye attacked and killed her. Later, Giselle strolls in the living area and is being hypnotized by this Eye. This Eye had learned how they can take control of the human bodies, and this hypnotized Giselle told Jenna and Rocky that they can fall under an Eye’s power and permit it to imitate with them. Rocky attempted on destroying the Eye, but then, she was killed during the process.

Jenna handles to crack Giselle out of the trance for twice, but then the Eye resurrected Catalina and Rocky’s dead bodies as the human disguised to capture these two remaining gals. Jenna discovered the mask of the welder that may block the hypnotic rays of the Eye. As the Eye gets closer to her, Giselle by wearing the mask crushed the Eye with the sledgehammer to finally end the madness for good and also as her revenge for the death of Kiana, Rocky, and Catalina. Jenna and Giselle walk over into the Crystal ball, but they located something unknown.

Writer’s Notion

This movie is pretty freaking enjoyable. The movie is a crap, but a fun crap it is! And if you are someone that would say that you cannot have fun with something that is obviously cropped, has obviously never had the chance to set the bag of something funny but the crop. I believed this movie was an advisable one to watch with your gals and buddies. The movie is something that is perfect to watch for the night, especially this coming Halloween season. The movie is packed with much of blood, dumb chicks, nudity and of course, the killer mutant eyeball. The title is clearly not the best part, but given to the circumstances, this is again a funny crop. Give it a try, and you will believe me that this is really worth to watch for, and will also sure to inspire and have a repeat viewing.

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