The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)


The movie is a psychological horror film from the screenplay by Efthymis and Lanthimos Filippou with director Yorgos Lanthimos. The story is from the prehistoric Greek play Iphigenia and about the cardiac surgeon that secretly become friends with a teenage boy that has a connection to the past. He presented the boy to the family, who started to fall strangely ill.

The Cast List:

  • Colin Farrell played as Steven Murphy, Kim and Bob’s father and Anna’s husband
  • Nicole Kidman played as Anna Murphy, Kim and Bob’s mother and Steven’s wife
  • Barry Keoghan played as Martin, the teenager that Steven met
  • Sunny Suljic played as Bob Murphy, Kim’s brother and Anna and Steven’s son
  • Raffey Cassidy played as Kim Murphy, Bob’s sister and Anna and Steven’s daughter
  • Alicia Silverstone played as Martin’s mother
  • Bill Camp played as Matthew, the anesthesiologist

The Story Line:


Steven Murphy, the specialist cardiothoracic surgeon, finished an open heart operation, and then goes on to a diner and there he met the teenager boy known as Martin. The accurate nature of their connection was unexplained. Afterward, Steven returned to their house to Anna, his wife, and with Kim and Bob, the kids. The following day, Steven revealed his bond with Martin, claiming that he is Kim’s schoolmate, when Martin suddenly came to talk with Steven at a hospital. Later, Steven privately told Anna that the father of Martin, died from a car incident ten years ago, and that he takes the interest with this boy in assisting him grieve. Through the suggestion of Steven, Martin came to the Murphy family for dinner and Kim seemed mainly taken with him.


Martin returned them the favor by requesting Steven to come to his mother’s home and have dinner. Right after the meal, he tries to leave, and Martin insisted for him to stay and watched a movie with the family. Martin left them through halfway of the movie, and his mother creates the sexual proceeds with Steven, who rapidly rebuffs her and then goes home. Within the following days, Martin’s demanded Steven’s more time and it grows frequently and desperately, but Steven did not reply. Just one sunrise when Bob was awakened and discovered that cannot feel the legs, he became paralyzed. Anna and Steven rushed him to the hospice, and wherein the full neurological tests revealed that nothing is totally wrong with him. Although he briefly recovered, Bob was still unable to walk. Although the elder Murphys lean to Bob, Martin meets Kim for a date.

The Writers View:

The movie has a full brilliant metaphors, and if you are aware of the Greek mythology with its history to comprehend most of it. The movie is not a comedy or a horror film. It is a thriller drama with strong religious traces. It is the mixture between that Binding of Isaac with a story of Job. In whatever mystic being is accountable for grueling the two kids have that moral lesson that is well described like that “eye for an eye”. This is something that humanity would have conquered in the coming 2000 years. The picture ends with a completed happy finale, where a father will simply kill a member of their family. This really works in the implications that a punishment stops.

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