The Last Days on Mars (2013)

the last day on marsAppreciating such pictures is all about perception. In some viewers the new Indie Sci-fi shocking flip “The Last Days on Mars” will give a deliberately familiar or even naïve repetition of artists, ideas, settings and themes that have been viewed before.

Film producer does not need to be a perfect source of modern horror movies like Resident Evil or anything that only expresses the same entertainment, but it should be something terrifying. For some viewers the film “The Last days on Mars” will come just like those in 1950’s sci-fi escapade movies; wherein the guarantee of going to a far away planet was about as exciting as the nation and other mortals who are living in the planet.

The plot is wise and Ruairi Robinson’s film is definitely nothing radical: It is about the tale of 8 people who are living their last 18 hours on the facade of Mars before they pack their stuff and head home. Apparently, this is not what happened. As the movie tone and the title speaks, it should not be a revelation that the squad of the Mars stagger across something fatal.

thlasWithout a doubt, it does not hurt that much that the movie had amazing firm and extra special effects for a low type Indie import, and those above mentioned characters adjoin much expertise. The screen writer Clive Dawson and Robinson also inserted some witty moments of lawful kindness and ideas. There are small strokes of awful characters doing something gently heroic and other ones distributing silent moment amidst the slaughter. Trouble free stuffs, but consists of too many types of film showing that does not even worry the gentle character progress. The additional endeavor had been given here. Just like the Europa Report this year, The Last Days on Mars accept types of serious concepts of deep space investigation, but not at the cost of a straightforward, plain and terrifying space anecdote.

Despite the drama and the suspense effect could have been played a lot better, I still care and assume what might happen in the end. Being a sci-fi movie that funds are not that much, the film can still be considered above average. The character had done their part at its best that brings out the peak of the story and its adventure. No enough words can ever describe this movie “The Last Days on Mars, but at least spare some time looking at what they are capable of giving to us.


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