The Last Exorcism Part II (2013, Ed Gass-Donnelly)

 MV5BMTk5MjkxMjUxMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODk5ODUwOQ@@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_Turn the light’s of, grab some popcorn and try not to throw them at the screen while watching this poorly made sequel of The Last Exorcism.

It would be nice if the viewer has watched the first movie before, because in the sequel there are no enough explanations about the main character, Nell, and her unusual condition. She was possesed by the evil demon Abalam and survived a true hell. In the second movie she is completely disoriented, but she tries to make her life normal, to get rid of the nightmares and thoughts about her ugly past. Nell’s character is actually the only true bond with the first movie. This one is not even a found footage movie, which somehow ruins the thrill that the first movie offered.

But even if we stop comparing those two movies – the directors are different, so it is completely understandable that movies will be, too – there are still many things that make this movie weak.

Firstly, the script is just too regular. There are no any special lines that you will remember or quote.

Secondly, it is directed so stereotypically. There are two kinds of mood in this movie and two tone of voices. Durring the most of the movie, the actors talk using that strained filmy voices, like the ones you can hear in any horror motion picture. The rest of the movie, in the most intente scenes, they yell and scream. And they are doing it great.

I must point out that the music is scary, and mixed with all those screams it really does rip your ears and makes you check are there any monsters under your bed.[youtube]

So, the movie sounds scary. It has those sudden moments of audio intimidation and most of the viewers will be truly scared in those moments. But movies are not just a matter of soun. Horror movies are not just a matter of screams.


And horror movies shouldn’t be matter of genre template. Once again we have the example of using that unusual telephone calls, that scary ring tone, unexplainable evil voices on the other side of the phone wire and some bad things that happen right after the scary call. It is some of the details which proves that this movie completely fits in the B-horrors category. And it’s kind of sad when the movie author falls under the influence of some patterns and fails to present unique and fresh ideas.

Still, I don’t think that the whole audience will hate this – we all have the right to love bad movies. Maybe someone is convenient with the predictable plots and motives that repeat in every simillar filmed thing. After all, it depends on the fact why are you watching the movie. If you want a good scary story that you could once retell your friends arround the campfire, you will probably have to make up tons of details to fill the plot holes and scare them. If you are looking for a bit of usually scary fun – that’s what you can get. But that’s all you will get.

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