The Legend of the Christmas Witch, 2018

The movie has an Italian title of “La Befana vien di note” and it is also an Italian-language Christmas comedy and film based on an Italian myth of the Befana. It’s an Italian-Spanish that was co-produced by the movie director Michele Soavi.

Cast Lists

  • Paola Cortellesi appeared as Paola / Befana        
  • Stefano Fresi appeared as Mr. Johnny / Giovanni Rovasio   
  • Jasper Gonzales Cabal appeared as Giuseppe
  • Giuseppe Lo Piccolo appeared as Smilzo
  • Luca Avagliano appeared as Gino
  • Francesco Mura appeared as Riccardo that was renamed as “Chris” with its English dubbing
  • Fausto Maria Sciarappa appeared as Giacomo that was renamed “Jeff” with its English dubbing
  • Giovanni Calcagno appeared as Igor
  • Diego Delpiano appeared as Ivan
  • Robert Ganea appeared as Leo
  • Cloe Romagnoli appeared as Sveva
  • Odette Adado appeared as Emilia


In the morning, Miss Paola was working as a school teacher in an Italian city, but in the evening, she is transforming into the more 500 years old Befana, the witch who delivered presents to the well-behaved kids and the odd surprises to the bad ones every year during midnight when it is January 6. Then, one year a certain dog chewed on her Rolodex that made her failed to give a gift at the exact time to a boy Giovanni Rovasio, and he blamed her for every subsequent misfortune he had, including the divorce of his parents.

After 25 years, Giovanni had transformed himself to Mr. Johnny, the villain who abducted Paola just in order she can to take over the delivery of toys. Riccardo, the learner from her class, witnessed the abduction. He and the other five fellow learners investigated the storage cellar of Paola for clues and found out her secret identity. These children are located by the men of Mr. Johnny and place them into the trash compactor, but then, Riccardo dropped the Swiss Army knife within the gears that stopped the machine that allows the kids to run away. Knowing that the fire is the way to harm a Befana, Mr. Johnny tied Paola to the Christmas tree and then sets it on the flame, using Christmas presents being the kindling. Just then a clock strikes at midnight and she transformed into a Befana, giving her with the power to smash free from the bonds and then fly away with her broom. Then, Mr. Johnny chased after her on the jet-propelled hoverboard that caused her to crash just before trapping her inside the bubble in his factory of toys.

The kids hiked going to the factory of toys, but were captured by the guys of Mr. Johnny. Paola agreed to hand over Mr. Johnny the memos she had received from the kids that had the gift wishes and so they went to the mountain where those letters were hidden. In the mean time, the boyfriend of Paola, Giacomo arrived at her house to find her gone and discovered her secret identity inside her storage cellar. The pet owl of Paola guided Giacomo to the toy factory of Mr. Johnny where he rescued the children. The children and Giacomo reached the mountain where their letters are being kept secret and then fight Mr. Johnny, but ultimately Paola and Mr. Johnny both topples from the cliff during the struggle.

Writer’s Notion

This is really the first and the only decent Italian Christmas horror comedy. It clearly is not a masterpiece; however, it could simply be compared to the light-hearted and fun British or American comedies you have watched with the whole family during the season of holidays. It is decently acted and fun too, the CGI had been good, and the music is really lovely, and which had been way more that it could be stated off pretty much with any other comedy of Italian movies. The sceneries were all stunning, and it is a fun take on the typical Italian custom. It had some mild curse language in it; however, it is really nothing too from out there. It is strongly recommended to watch with the entire family for their movie time and could definitely be watched again.

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