lighthouse 2019

The Lighthouse, 2019

The film is a psychological horror movie by director and producer Robert Eggers, and who also co-wrote its screenplay together with his sibling Max Eggers. It is about the two lighthouse keepers that starts to lose their own sanity when the storm strands on them at the remote island wherein they had been stationed.

Cast Lists

  • Robert Pattinson appeared as Ephraim Winslow or Thomas Howard
  • Willem Dafoe appeared as Thomas Wake
  • Logan Hawkes appeared as Ephraim Winslow
  • Valeriia Karamän appeared as the Mermaid


During the late of 19th century, Mr. Ephraim Winslow served the contract job as the Wickie in 4 weeks on the isolated isle off the coast in New England, underneath the supervision of the irritable elderly guy named as Thomas Wake. During the first day, Winslow noticed the hole within his cot, locating the small scrimshaw of the mermaid within it then stuffing it inside his jacket. Winslow observed Wake going upward to the lantern room of the lighthouse in the evening and stripping nude. Winslow begins encountering dreams and visions of huge tentacles inside the lighthouse, distant imagery of the mermaid and logs hovering from the water.

Through the course of the stay, Wake demanded Winslow to take the more tiring jobs—refueling a light, carrying the heavy kerosene containers, disposing of the chamber pots of the two men, and all the while declining to allow him to enter the lantern area. As the weeks progressed, Winslow repeatedly experienced some aggressive an-eyed gull. Wake warned Winslow that it may be a bad luck to murder the gull, as he’s superstitious that they will be reincarnated sailors. Then, the weeks go on, and Winslow masturbated to the scrimshaw, then, continued to see Wake as nude. One evening dinner, the two have the change to know each other, then, discussed previous wickie of Wake, who Wake said died shortly right after losing sanity. Winslow revealed that he utilized to work as a timber man in Canada, but settled to alter professions.

That day before Winslow has been scheduled to leave, he noticed the water pump had been setting off bloody water and he investigates. He checked the cistern to witness the dying gull floating in it. The 1-eyed seagull flew down and attacked Winslow, who grabbed it and then beats it to his death. After that, the winds alter its direction and the storm hits an island that evening. The following morning, the assistant ferry did not arrive and then Winslow saw the body washed on the shore. Then, he approached it and realized that it is just a mermaid that awakens and howls over him.

Writer’s Notion

The movie has been considered as one of the great films and an incomparable hysterical terrifying epic with Pattinson possibly giving the great performances of the year. This really takes time, digs deeper under your own subconscious and will not leave till you have picked apart each frame. This is a gorgeous white and black cinematography and the two outstanding acting are not sufficient to save the tedious and the silly motion picture.

However, there is not that much that has been worthy of praise with this peculiar story of madness and isolation. There are some isolated moments which that stand out however, in totality, this movie is hurt by the weak narrative thread, lack of sustained suspense or tension and inherent silliness, and just plain odd for the thought of being weird.

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