The Loved Ones, 2009

The film is an Australian horror movie by the writer and director Sean Byrne. It followed the teenager who locates himself in the middle of the female classmate’s (McLeavy) wild party after he declined her offer in attending the school dance.

The Cast Lists

Xavier Samuel played as Brent Mitchell                                  

Victoria Thaine played as Holly

Richard Wilson played as Jamie                                                 

Fred Whitlock played as Dan Mitchell

John Brumpton played as Eric Stone, “Daddy”                    

Suzi Dougherty played as Carla Mitchell

Victoria Eagger played as Judith Valentine                           

Andrew Gilbert played as Paul Valentine

Robin McLeavy played as Lola Stone, “Princess”                

Jessica McNamee played as Mia Valentine

Anne Scott-Pendlebury played as “Bright Eyes”

The Story Line

Brent, the high school student is driving together with Dan his father, when the bloodied guy appeared in the center of the road. Swing over to avoid the guy, Brent crashed the vehicle to the tree murdering his father.

After six months, Brent politely refused Lola Stone’s invitation into the prom in good deed of Holly his girlfriend. Lola secretly watched the two, then having sex in the car of Holly. Guilt-ridden over the death of his father, Brent has rolled to the recreational cannabis utilizing and self-mutilating with the razor blade unseen in the necklace. In their home, Brent’s mother insisted on him taking the taxi rather than riding with the inexperienced Holly. But Brent left the house and went to the nearby cliff. He quickly contemplates suicide, but then changes his mind. When he listened to music, somebody knocks Brent out.

When Brent was awaken up bound to the chair. The captors are Lola with the father, Eric, who then decorated the house in replication of the prom night. The three were sitting at the table along with the lobotomized lady they named as Bright Eyes. Lola injected Brent’s voice box together with bleach, smashing the vocal cords. She started to humiliate him, encountering arousal in the course. Brent frees himself, then runs outside; however, he is re-captured by a sadistic father and a daughter, who nailed his feet into the floor with the knives.

Lola showed Brent the scrapbook with the picture of her previous victims. Brent recognized Timmy Valentine, a bloodied guy causing his crash. Then Timmy happened to be Mia Valentine’s brother, Jamie’s prom date, and Brent’s best friend. Then Lola brands Brent thru carving her initials into his chest and then sprinkling salt over it. After Eric crowned Lola as prom queen, she admitted having incestuous affections for him. These two dances and almost kissed just before Brent interrupted them.

The Writers View

The Loved Ones movie is kinda twisted, kinda sick, but the utterly convincing Aussie bloodletting exercises that transcends anguish porn whilst getting drunk in the sick sense of humor. With ironic observations on teen’s meditations and angst on grief, loneliness, forbidden desires, and alienation Sean Byrne’s film is out to not only shock the audience. Having that obvious small funds work from, hten Byrne just has kept things minimal and tight, this helps the movie considerably, adding the sort of realism in the characters just before it went into overdrive since Brent discovers that politely refusing Lola’s request has welcomed the latest world of pain. There is the misstep of the subplot involving one more fumbling Goth pair actually making the actual prom date, it served no purpose aside from the horny angst ration, but this is likely sick/slick stuff.

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