The Neon Demon (2016)


This film is a kind of psychological horror movie by director Nicolas Winding Refn, and co-written by Polly Stenham, Mary Laws, and Refn. The plot goes after a hopeful model in LA whose youth and beauty generate intense jealousy and fascination in the industry.

The Cast Lists:

Elle Fanning played as Jesse

Karl Glusman played as Dean

Charles Baker played as Mikey

Jamie Clayton played as Casting Director

Bella Heathcote played as Gigi

Desmond Harrington played as Jack McCarther

Christina Hendricks played as Roberta Hoffman

Abbey Lee played as Sarah

Jena Malone played as Ruby

Alessandro Nivola played as Robert Sarno

Keanu Reeves played as Hank

Houda Shretah played as Sarno’s assistant

The Story Line:


The story is about a 16-year-old Jesse, an aspiring model that has just moved coming from the small-town Georgia going to Los Angeles. Her initial photo shoot was done by Dean. She met the makeup artist Ruby, who initiated fellow mature models Sarah and Gigi. The three ladies were fascinated by Jesse’s inborn beauty, as well as really curious regarding her sexual inclinations. Jesse feigns encounter in the latter.

Jesse acquires signal by Roberta Hoffman, the proprietor of the modeling agency, who narrates her to imagine she is just nineteen and submits her to the test shoot with the notable photo taker, Jack McCarther. Jesse went on a date together with Dean, but maintains his advances at the bay. She returned to her room to discover it ransacked and was engaged in a feline similar to a cougar, but was noisy just like a huge cat. The nasty manager, Hank, demanded that she must pay for some damages. Jesse went on to the photo shoot together with Jack, who called for a covered set and wrap her body naked in a gold paint. The shooting was successful, and Sarah and Gigi started envying Jesse’s youthfulness, while Ruby was captivated with her.


The Writers’ View:

This film started promisingly together with unsettling image and a very eye-catching. The initial 80% of the movie’s tale is obvious and trite: the final series is ludicrous. Perhaps it is alleged to be a metaphor or there are some kinds of metaphysical commentary. It is still ludicrous. If you are someone who has been slightly engaged while watching, then you will be left with unanswered questions of bagfuls of queries afterwards. It is still important that every detail is watch and understood!


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