The Nun 2018

The movie is an American horror, gothic supernatural film by director Corin Hardy and with writer Gary Dauberman, from the tales by James Wan and Dauberman. This is the spin-off of The Conjuring 2 in 2016 and the 5th installment of the Conjuring Universe.

The Cast Lists

Demián Bichir played as Father Burke

Jonas Bloquet played as Maurice Theriault “Frenchie”

Jonny Coyne played as Gregoro

Charlotte Hope played as Sister Victoria

August Maturo played as Daniel

Ani Sava played as Sister Jessica

Michael Smiley played as Bishop Pasquale

Bonnie Aarons played as Valak or The Nun         

Ingrid Bisu played as Sister Oana

Manuela Ciucur played as Sister Christine

Taissa Farmiga played as Sister Irene

Sandra Teles played as Sister Ruth

Jared Morgan played as Marquis

Mark Steger played as The Duke

Angelo Veno played as Priest

The Nun 2018

The Story Line

In year 1952, in Romania, there were two nuns who are Roman Catholic that lives at Saint Cartha’s monastery and were attacked by the unseen force upon entering the tunnel to retrieve the ancient Christian relic. Sister Victoria, the surviving nun, flees from an attacker, the demon appearing as the nun, and hang-up herself. Her body was situated by Frenchie, the villager who transported goods to the monk or nuns.

The Vatican discovers of the happenings and ordered Father Burke to go to Rome, where they’ve asked him to take a trip with his Sister Irene, the nun in the novitiate, in going to Romania so that they may investigate the situation.

While Sister Irene is teaching the kids about the relationship between science and religion in a school, and her Mother Superior disrupts her and informed her that Burke had arrived just to request Irene’s accessory in his journey to Romania.

The couple traveled to Romania and encounter with Frenchie, who heads them into the abbey. They discovered Victoria’s corpse and remove the key from her body. Inside, they meet the Abbess, who informed them that the monk or nuns observe the period of silence through the night and tenderize them lodging at an attached community or convent if they want or wish to return in the following day. Frenchie has been attacked by the demon as he comes back to the village, though escape. Burke told Irene that the boy he expel, Daniel, was fatally hurt during the exorcism, then Burke has borne the burden of a boy’s death that was with him since then. Irene revealed that being a girl she had that vision, particularly of being a nun, making the Church to have an interest towards her. Burke has been rescued by Irene right after being covered alive in the cemetery by a demonic entity.

The Writers View

Let us start by saying that this movie is absolutely still worth your time to watch. As there are some few moments where the movie has portrayed in such that the viewers felt how powerful and great it is, and its background music during their scene, will surely recognizable when you watch them, and it’s really incredible. The viewers will feel hopeless, the same with the characters during that time, but sad to say, the moments are scarce. Being a human, we find darkness a scary one and we don’t admire it because we can’t properly see, thus finding ourselves in the blank. This is what really makes a good horror movie. The horror of happening things, but not aware where it is or what it is all about.

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