The Other Side of the Door (2016)


The film is a supernatural horror movie by director Johannes Roberts with co-writer Ernest and Roberts Riera.

The Cast Lists:

Sarah Wayne Callies played being Maria Harwood, the mother and wife mourning the loss of her son.

Jeremy Sisto played being Michael Harwood, husband of Maria.

Sofia Rosinsky played being Lucy Harwood, Oliver’s younger sister and Michael and Maria’s daughter.

Suchitra Pillai-Malik played being Piki, Harwoods’ live-in nanny.

Jax Malcolm played being the voice for Oliver.

Logan Creran played being Oliver Harwood, Lucy’s older brother, Michael and Maria’s deceased son.

Javier Botet played being Myrtu, a caretaker of the underworld.

The Story Line:


After the death of her son Oliver in India in a car accident, Maria did not really recover from that tragedy. Throughout the accident, Maria prefers to rescue the youngest daughter, Lucy as an alternative for Oliver and the remorse devastated her. One evening, her hubby Michael locates Maria unconsciously after the failed attempt of suicide. At the hospital, Maria was comforted by Piki, the housekeeper. Piki asked Maria if she wanted one last opportunity to utter goodbye to Oliver. Then she explained that in their village, there was a forsaken shrine where the line in between the dead and the living is really thin. Maria should spread out her son’s powder at the temple ladder and lock herself inside. Oliver will talk to her the moment night came. But, regardless of what Oliver will say, Maria should not open the door of the temple for him. Maria agreed and the pair then had Oliver’s corpse dig up and burnt. Maria noticed some strange guys covered with ashes. Piki explained that they were shamans that use the dead’s flesh and coat them in the ash to support the bonds in between the dead and the living world.

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The following day Maria arrived at the temple and then goes after Piki’s instructions. Indoors, she uncovered the mummified body of the lady. Night came and Oliver started talking to Maria, who then apologized to Oliver for parting him off. Oliver begins demanding with Maria to unlock the door and explained that somebody was taking him. Maria then panics and unlocks the door, but there was nobody. The next day, she returned home and now having closure. She concentrates her attention on Lucy and Michael, but did not tell Piki that she unlocks the door. Odd things began to happen, the piano plays itself and then Lucy told Maria that Oliver had returned and that he was just hiding from somebody. In a room of Oliver, a chair shifts toward her, along with the Jungle Book, wherein Maria was reading for Oliver when he passed away, but did not over. Realizing that Oliver wanted her to close the book, she did so. Piki noticed that the close by plants had begun dying and started to realize that Maria had violates the instructions in the temple.

The Writers’ View:

This 2016, horror films became an interesting trend, this may be not the latest one, but this is the awful one. The movie makers have settled on taking actresses from famous shows, like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, and place them in the foreign state, then toss in the bunch of jumps scary and scared with the special effect of faces and voila, one more bad move out from the pipe of the Hollywood so the people may view more bad stuff. Being a horror fan is gullible and simple to please, but still, everything is not certain why the added horror denotes the absence of the story, but, there are still great new horror movies coming from the clever writers with the new prescient and twists plots.


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