The Owners, 2020

The movie is a horror thriller genre adapted from that graphic novel of Une nuit du pleine lune by Yves H. and Hermann and the movie is directed by the debut director of Julius Berg.

Cast Lists

  • Sylvester McCoy appeared as the doctor or Dr. Richard Huggins
  • Rita Tushingham appeared as Ellen Huggins
  • Jake Curran appeared as Gaz
  • Stacha Hicks appeared as Jean  
  • Maisie Williams appeared as Jane Vorrel or Mary
  • Andrew Ellis appeared as Terry
  • Ian Kenny appeared as Nathan


Nathan, Terry, and Gaz were the three friends that thought they have discovered the ideal easy score: the house, within the English countryside, together with the secured packed with cash. Before a heist may start things are complicated during the time that Mary, Nathan’s girlfriend, arrived because they were using her car because she needed it before going to work. But, Nathan, Terry and Gaz proceeded to break in the house when an elderly couple that lived there, Ellen Huggins and Doctor Richard, leave.

The boys appear for cash but failed to find any. Then they finally agreed to wait and then ambushed the Hugginses during the return. Mary, who had been stand-by outside for couple of hours because Nathan seized onto her the keys to put off her from bringing the auto, is finally convinced to unite with them inside. Whilst they waited, Mary revealed to Nathan that she’s pregnant.

The partner does finally return, and the buddies forced the couple in the basement and tied them up, much up to Mary’s repulsion. They attempted to extract Dr. Huggins to unlock his safe. The most ruthless, Gaz pulled the gun and threatened to harm Ellen. Nathan threatened to slice her fingers off, but cannot take himself in doing it. Despite that threats Dr. Huggins refused to provide them the union to his safety. But, upon understanding that he knows Terry and Nathan from when they’re children, he attempted to reason together with them. If Nathan showed reluctance to go by with the heist any more, Gaz attempted to take control that heads to a battle between Nathan and him. Nathan was stabbed in his stomach. When Gaz prepared to hurt Ellen, then Mary killed him with the sledgehammer to his skull. She and Terry untied the Hugginses, and then Ellen recognized Mary and seemed stunned by her being there.

Writer’s Notion

What is not enjoyable about movie is about how big of the letdown it is right after the movie embraced the latter half twirl. The first half had been heist+home attacked clichés galore – the bunch of thugs searching to create that some rapid cash through robbing the rich house failed to realize that resident couple had some secrets that they are also hiding. This plotline had now nearly run the course and needed truckloads of creativity to be taken badly. While there had been some surprises in the subgenre and it can be believed that the movie had made it into that list.

The characters in the movie were all unlikeable and the movie used the pregnancy ploy in making viewers care for Mary, and the character performed by Maisie Williams, however, it did not work.

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