The Platform, 2019

The film is one Spanish science fiction horror-thriller movie by director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia is also named as “The Hole”. The movie has been set in the large, tower-style of “Vertical Self-Management Centre”. Its people, who are periodically swap at random between the many floors, are being fed through the platform which, originally filled with food on the top floor, slowly descends through the level of the tower, every level is getting only what are the leftovers from those previous ones. This is the system that bound to cause clashes, as the people at the top stage may eat that much as they will, leaving increasingly a bit for those below.

Cast Lists

  • Iván Massagué appeared as Goreng, who was named after Gorèng that means “fried” in Indonesian/Malay.
  • Zorion Eguileor (EU) appeared as Trimagasi, who was named after the Terima kasih that stands for “TY or thank you in the Indonesian / Malay language.
  • Antonia San Juan appeared as Imoguiri, who was named after Imogiri, the royal graveyard placed in Indonesia.
  • Emilio Buale Coka appeared as Baharat, who was named after Baharat, the spice blend applied in the Greek and Turkish cuisine.
  • Alexandra Masangkay appeared as Miharu
  • Eric L. Goode appeared as Sr. Brambang, who was named after Brambang, the shallot.


Goreng awakens in the concrete cell that has been marked with number 48. His area mate, Trimagasi, explained that they are within the tower-style facility wherein the food is bring delivered through the platform that traveled from the top, breaking off for the fixed period on every floor. Those at the lower levels are being able to eat what those in the top left them, and these cannot hoard food (a cell is cooled or heated to fatal stage if the food is being kept). Each month, the people are randomly relocated to the recent level. Each person is permitted to take the stuff with them. Goreng chooses the copy of this Don Quixote, and then Trimagasi, the self-sharpening knife that is called as Samurai Plus.

Then one day, the bloodied woman with the name Miharu rides beneath the platform, and Trimagasi explained that she goes down the pit each month in hunt of her child. Then, Goreng saw her being harassed by two individuals on the level beneath, and he considered jumping down to assist her, but she killed them both and then rides the platform beneath again.

When they are talking, it is exposed that Goreng volunteered in spending 6 months in this “Vertical Self-Management Centre” in switch over for a diploma, then, Trimagasi has been serving one year-long verdict for manslaughter. Through the month, they became friends, but on that day of room shuffle, Goreng awakens up tied into the bed. They had been relocated to level 171, wherein the platform is anticipated to become empty of foodstuff when it arrives. Then, Trimagasi explained that he planned to slice strips to the flesh of Goreng to maintain them both, but with moderate amounts only, so he will not bleed out. On their 8th day, Trimagasi slices into Goreng’s leg, however it is being attacked by Miharu when she came down the platform. Then, she frees Goreng when he killed Trimagasi. Miharu slices some of the flesh of Trimagasi, feeding Goreng and then eating some for her just before they continue to go down.

Writer’s Notion

Generally, the facility represents the society. The levels are representing the society hierarchies and classes. Goreng, the protagonist, represents the resistance movement who has been prepared to aid threats and violence in securing that there is sufficient food for everyone. The older man, Trimagasi, represented the supporter of the routine. The woman Imoguiri, from the administration, represents the peaceful movement that wanted the change, but is not able to do it. Miharu who drives down the platform really represented the upper class.

The movie has been thought to be very interesting with lots of interesting symbolism. The movie is really one of those films that is recommended to watch. The movie has lots of different understandings, however, it is also believed that maybe, lots of people will misunderstand the responsibility of Miharu.

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