The Predator 2018

The movie is an American action and science fiction film by director Shane Black with writers Fred Dekker and Black. This is the Predator fourth installment film series and makes references to the happenings of the crossover movies. Black had his supporting role in its original film, and John Davis returned as the producer from the initial three installments.

The Predator 2018

The Cast Lists

Boyd Holbrook played as Capt. Quinn McKenna, the estranged husband of Emily and father of Rory.

Thomas Jane played as Baxley, the Marine veteran that is suffering from a post traumatic anxiety disorder.

Olivia Munn played as Doctor Casey Bracket, the evolutionary biologist that joined the crew’s mission.

Keegan-Michael Key played as Coyle, the Marine veteran that also fights with the Predators.

Niall Matter played as Sapir, Stargazer Project operative.

Lochlyn Munro played as Lt. Gen. Marks, the US Air Force general.

Brian Prince played as the Predator or Apex Predator.

Trevante Rhodes played as Gaylord Williams or “Nebraska”, the former Marine officer that joined the special Predator-search operation.

Yvonne Strahovski played as Emily McKenna, mother to Rory and Quinn’s estranged wife.

Peter Shinkoda played as Dr. Yamada, Stargazer Project scientist.

Jacob Tremblay played as Rory McKenna, Emily and Quinn’s troubled son.

Françoise Yip played as Cullen, Stargazer Project operative.

Alfie Allen played as Lynch, the former Marine that teamed with the other outsiders.

Augusto Aguilera played as Nettles, the previous Huey helicopter pilot that suffered a shocking brain injury.

Sterling Brown played as Will Traeger, the Director of “Stargazer Project” and a government agent.

Jake Busey played as Sean Keyes, the head scientist and Peter Keyes’ son.

Mike Dopud played as Dupree, Stargazer Project operative.

RJ Fetherstonhaugh played at Agent Church, the right-hand man of Traeger.

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The Story Line

One Predator ship crashed and landed on Earth. The Ranger sniper of the US Army, Quinn McKenna with his team was attacked by a Predator on the hostage retrieval task.

McKenna debilitates the Predator and had many parts of the armor mailed off in proving the existence of the extraterrestrial (ET) life. At the request of Will Traeger, the government agent, he has been captured and has been held for examination. Will Traeger also taken the Predator to the lab for some observation and experimentation, recruiting the evolutionary biologist Ms. Casey Bracket to learn about it. The Predator awakens, breaks out of the bonds, kills laboratory workers, but spares the Bracket just before leaving.

McKenna has been bussed off with the crowd of the other government captives, with the previous former Marines Gaylord Williams “Nebraska”, Coyle, Lynch, Baxley, and lastly the Army pilot of helicopter Nettles. Witnessing the Predator escaped from the laboratory firsthand, they take over the bus. Captivating Bracket with them, they’ve headed over to the McKenna’s separated wife, Emily, wherein he then expected to locate the Predator armor that he mailed off. But, Rory the autistic son of McKenna had gone trick-or-treat while dressed this armor in hopes of avoiding finding from bullies.

Quinn McKenna together with the others, locates his son just at the moment of stopping the pair of the Predator Dogs from an ambushing the boy. This Predator chased them to the nearby school. They started to give this Predator’s armor back and then one bigger Predator arrived and killed the first one. They flee, and then the next Predator set-out to recover the lost technology.

The Predator

The Writers View

Just like everybody else way back in the year 1987, this Predator has been really impressive. It was a straightforward and a pretty simple movie, however, it initiates a pretty unique and neat concept and there was something exceptional about the atmosphere. The new Predator somehow, did not reach with the expectation with what the first Predator has given to their viewers. How the first Predator started and how it ended, when compared with the second Predator that seems a bit different to what has anticipated of it to provide to their fans. However, the movie still tried so hard to become like the first one, but still, the original is still the best.

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