The Prodigy, 2019

This horror film of director Nicholas McCarthy with writer Jeff Buhler was entitled The Prodigy. The plot concentrates around the child whose disturbing attitude signals that the evil, possibly a supernatural being had taken power of him, obliging his parents to examine whether sinister powers are involved.

Cast Lists

  • Taylor Schilling appeared as Sarah Blume                             
  • Tristan Vasquez appeared as Dash
  • Brittany Allen appeared as Margaret St. James                   
  • Oluniké Adeliyi appeared as Rebecca
  • Olunike Adeliyi appeared as Rebecca                                      
  • David Kohlsmith appeared as the 5 year old Miles
  • Paula Boudreau appeared as Dr. Elaine Strasser                
  • Ashley Back appeared as Hailey
  • Paul Fauteux appeared as Edward Scarka                              
  • Colm Feore appeared as Arthur Jacobson
  • Peter Mooney appeared as John Blume                                
  • Elisa Moolecherry appeared as Zoe
  • Martin Roach appeared as Dr. Kagan                                      
  • Jackson Robert Scott appeared as Edward Scarka/Miles Blume


In year 2010 on August 22, at the rural Ohio, Edward Scarka, the serial killer is a deadly shot during the police raid on the farm home. During the time of death of Edward, the married couple John and Sarah gave birth to Miles, their son, in Pennsylvania. Miles showed extreme intelligence and wisdom from a very young age and starts to fluently speak even before he became a toddler.

In 2018, when Miles turned eight, John and Sarah started witnessing behavioral alterations in him. One evening, he played the prank on Zoe, his babysitter, seriously hurting her, but claimed no memory of that incident. While in school, he attacked his classmate with a piece of the wrench. Miles was brought by Sarah to Elaine Strasser, a psychiatrist, and turned over the tape that recorded of him talking clear gibberish while he’s asleep. Elaine handed the tape to Arthur Jacobson, her colleague, an expert on the rebirth and reincarnation. Jacobson revealed that this gibberish Miles spoken was, in fact, a typical dialect of the Hungarian and that their language translate to is “I will cut the eyes out and will watch you pass on, whore.”

Sarah has been unwilling to consider the assertion of Arthur that the unsettled spirit wanted control of the body of the boy. In their home, the dog of the family went missing, and John became infuriated when he locates that Miles had been recording the bedroom of the couple with the baby monitor. John left to live with his brother and left Sarah alone together with Miles. Then, Sarah finds a cloud of flies inside the house and finds dismembered dog of the family in the basement. Then Miles apologizes, he explained that somebody is invading in his dreams every evening and that he needs to “make room.”

Writer’s Notion

It was interesting is that the plot and the acting are all adorable with the nice and new twist. When you initially watch the trailer the movie, you will feel quite excited for the movie. But, then, are some hearsays that there had been editing that is going to make since those scenes were really too scary for their test-audience and so, the thought of finally watching an actual terrifying movie just fade away. Unfortunately, the movie did not give what is needed to deliver. There had been two scary shots only and also the film explained way really that much, the way real soon, following the normal formula without any real twist. There was no second guess, and there are no other explanations at all or roads explored. The movie is really a very straightforward that was not all that scary and frankly speaking, it is a bit disappointing.

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