The Pumpkin Karver 2006

The film is an American slasher movie written by Sheldon Silverstein and Robert Mann and under the direction of Robert Mann.

Cast Lists

Amy Weber appeared as Lynn Starks                       Alex Weed appeared as Spinner

David J. Wright appeared as Alec                               Michael Zara appeared as Jonathan Starks

Mistie Adams appeared as Yolanda                          David Austin appeared as Lance

Lindsey Carpenter appeared as Amber                   Rachelle Clune appeared as Connie

Jonathan Conrad appeared as A. J.                            Amy Cowieson appeared as the Go-Go Dancer

Terrence Evans appeared as Ben Wicket                Thomas Hurn appeared as Joe

Briana Gerber appeared as Vicki                                Kenny Gould appeared as Detective Farrows

Bryan Jamerson appeared as the MIB Kid no. 2    Brian Kary appeared as MIB Kid no. 1

Minka Kelly appeared as Tammy                               Amber Kendrella appeared as Marilyn Monroe

Tony Little appeared as the Officer Briggs              Robert Mann appeared as the D.J. Jon over the Radio

Charity Shea appeared as Rachel                               Jared Show appeared as Grazer

David Phillips appeared as Bonedaddy


Lynn and his brother Jonathan have transferred to the new town to begin their new life right after Jonathan accidentally murdered Alec, the boyfriend of his sister in a prank that went wrong. They were all going to the Halloween party, but there was a catch: the guy Jonathan killed was back in a horrific, new form. Jonathan and Lynn met some party goers, namely the twins Spinner and Grazer, Tammy, Lance, Tammy’s ex; Rachel, the sexy-blonde; Brian, Lance’s friend; the best friends Vicki and Yolanda and Ben Wicket, an old carver, and also with some other party-goers.

Right after the struggle with Lance, Jonathan began thinking that Alec was there at the night party, but chose to ignore this. In the evening, Rachel has made love with A.J., Lance’s friend, in the van, but he left angrily right after Rachel hit him. Rachel went out searching for A.J, but, that moment that she does not locate for him, she went back to her car. But, she was attacked, by the supposed Alec, who carved her face. Then, Brian revealed to Tammy that this Lance was “being the dick”. After Tammy left, Brian was also attacked by the killer, who made him walk backward, and making Brian impale him with the electric drill. Jonathan has been stalked for so many times by Ben, then, he escapes. Later, Vicki and Yolanda locate Rachel, who is just alive, and flee and warned Spinner and Grazer, but these two are drunk and refused to believe them.

Then, Spinner left and Grazer was struck with the scythe, before being decapitated. Jonathan disappeared, and Tammy and Lynn went on and attempt to locate him. Lynn met Lance, who attempted to rape her, and then she escapes before Lance was stabbed to death. Tammy was pursued by the murderer, before being trapped in the bear trap, and then, also stabbed to death. Jonathan and Lynn meet, where they discovered the dead body of Tammy. Jonathan and Alec also met and confronted each other, then, Jonathan stabs Alec into his death, the similar manner that he did in his prank.

Writer’s Notion

Nothing to really cover here, the movie simply tried to give more than it actually can. The point of the movie attempts to outsmart the target viewers, but it flattens out just like the Halloween pumpkin during the second day of November. The cinematography is over average yet the actors acting are just below and lesser than the always sensational. The plot has far had lots of holes that it can be taken seriously. The token slasher film characters also and with what the mushy mess of that pumpkin left to the viewers is guts without real soul. Even though lots of gore scenes are upright, there are some others that are really too amateurish for it to be taken with any other means but laughable. But, the female artists are all quite adorable, but unfortunately they cannot act and deliver their dialog with any effect of reality.

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