The Room, 2019

This is a Luxembourgish, Belgian, French, but in an English-language thriller movie by director Christian Volckman. The plot midpoint on the young couple who discovered the means to fulfill anything from their material desires, but goes too far through using it to make a child.

Cast Lists

  • Olga Kurylenko appeared as Kate             
  • Kevin Janssens appeared as Matt             
  • Joshua Wilson appeared as Shane (child)
  • Marianne Bourg appeared as Suzanne   
  • Vince Drews appeared as Chet  
  • Michaël Kahya appeared as Mr. Schaeffer
  • Oscar Lesage appeared as Henry
  • Carole Weyers appeared as Mrs. Schaeffer
  • Francis Chapman appeared as Shane (teenager)
  • John Flanders appeared as John Doe


Kate and Matt, the young couple, transferred to Westminster, MD have purchased a secluded, large manor in awful need of repair. During the renovation period, they discovered the steel, big door that guides in the seemingly empty area. After experiencing repeated electrical shortages, this couple called the electrician out to a property to find out and discovered that a home wiring is tangled, large mass that runs down along the floorboards and the walls of the property. When the electrician turned off, he exclaimed his surprise that a property finally sold, allowing the previous owners were killed on the site.

That night, Matt discovers himself not able to sleep and then ended up drinking while doing research about the murder. He finds that the murderer’s name was John Doe, and he is still out there, alive, housed in the psychiatric hospital. He stumbled into the area and drunkenly wished for another glass of alcohol, which the room quickly granted him. In the following morning, Kate discovers Matt in the area bordered by lots of costly paintings. He encouraged her to crave for money- and then she does wish for millions. Through the following next several days, this couple quitted from their jobs and have parties in their room, that endlessly granted their desires and wishes.

Kate starts to fall under the depression when she realized that nothing that they wish for had any true value, stating that Kate will just get “more and more and more”. To cheer her, Matt told her he wanted to try to have a child, but then she becomes angry, telling him of the two earlier miscarriages. She exclaimed that she cannot place herself in that pain again, then, she stormed out of that room. Moments later, Matt walked past in the bedroom to find out that in her loneliness, Kate used that room and wish to have a son. Panicked, Matt told her that what Kate did is wrong and that Kate had to force that room to get that wish back. When this couple is not able to take them to get away that wish child, Matt left the house in search for John Doe.

Writer’s Notion

This movie had the possibilities to become funnier and contained so many interesting developments. This movie after all, may grant any wish and no matter how grand scale or how impossible. However, the protagonists just utilized it for things that reflect human greed. As a movie develops, you realized that the movie does not concentrate much on the limitless power of that Room, but how these people abused the room itself in satisfying their reckless greed and desires. And so, the total potential power of the Room is not known, even though this is clearly limitless since it is illustrated there that the whole world may be made within it. And that is where the viewers are left to hang, thinking of how limit or the extent of power that the room has. The acting is not realistic, and the movie revealed so many issues that never take the explanations.

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