The Silence, 2019

The film is an English-language and German horror movie by director John R. Leonetti from the screenplay of Carey and Shane Van Dyke that adjusts the horror novel of 2015 of similar name. The movie depicts the world under assault by creatures that have been hunted by the sound. Shipka played the late-deafened teen, someone who is looking for shelter with her kin, and this cult that seeks to take benefit of her deafness.

The Cast Lists

  • Stanley Tucci played as Hugh Andrews                                  
  • Kate Trotter played as Lynn
  • Kyle Harrison Breitkopf played as Jude Andrews               
  • Dempsey Bryk played as Rob
  • John Corbett played as Glenn                                                    
  • Billy MacLellan played as The Reverend
  • Miranda Otto played as Kelly Andrews                                  
  • Kiernan Shipka played as Ally Andrews

The Story Line

A cave research group unearths the unknown species of the blind pterosaur-like individual, referred to as the “vesps,” from the mine. These vesps violently slay the researchers, get out from the mine, and look for the noisiest places.

The teenage girl, Ally, who lost her both paternal grandparents from a car accident and also her hearing, stays with her parents Kelly and Hugh Andrews; her brother Jude; Lynn, her maternal grandmother who had terminal lung cancer; and Otis, their dog. As the news about the vesp outbreak is widening, the US administration declares the state of emergency, then, urges the people to be quiet and stay indoors. Ally suggested that they headed to the countryside that is seemed to be quieter. The best friend Hugh, Glenn, joined them and takes his guns. They separate in two cars. During their stop for the refuel, Ally takes Otis for a walk. The stranger appeared and threatened to shoot Otis when they do not stop him from woofing. Glenn shoots that man in his leg, and then they drive away.

This group hits a huge traffic jam, blocking every interstate and so Glenn goes off that road. Speeding by the countryside, the car of Glenn hits the herd of escaping deer and falls down the embankment. Glenn survived, but was trapped in his car. Kelly and Hugh fail to set him free, and Glenn asked Hugh to go with his family. When the Andrews family goes back to their car, their dog barks, attracting those vesps who attacks the car. Glenn fired his gun, guiding them to be away from the car from Andrew, sacrificing himself. And so to keep the family safe, Hugh was forced to let their family dog out of their car since he goes on barking and attracting those vesps. Ally embraces her dad and cried while the other members of the family console with one another.

The Writers View

The initial half was pretty well, but there had been some serious plot gaps. How exactly would those carnivorous bats survive underneath for millions of eras? The writers also sincerely expect us to consider that the people would be beginning crazy murder cult right after some few days.

It also appears totally implausible that this could be a totally world ending event. Cannot you just blast out loud sirens within the towns which would prevent those bats from coming in on little noises? It is also not seemed that the bats can take by the concrete. There had been no logic reasoning within this storyline. Staying home where you have food and water and settle on not making any noise would make more logic.

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