The Snowman 2017

The Snowman 2017 is a psychological thriller movie of director Tomas Alfredson with the writer Hossein Amini, Søren Sveistrup and Peter Straughan. The story is from the novel of similar name from Jo Nesbø where in the movie they followed the inspector Harry Hole when he tracks the serial murderer that builds snowmen where is crime scene is.

Cast Lists

Michael Fassbender appeared as the Det. Harry Hole       Rebecca Ferguson appeared as Katrine Bratt

Charlotte Gainsbourg appeared as Rakel Fauke                   Sofia Helin appeared as Sarah Kvensland

Toby Jones appeared as Investigator Svenson                     Jeté Laurence appeared as Josephine Becker

Jonas Karlsson appeared to be Mathias Lund-Helgesen       Val Kilmer appeared as Gert Rafto

Alec Newman appeared as the Mould Man                         Ronan Vibert appeared as the DCI Gunnar Hagen

Genevieve O’Reilly appeared as Birte Becker                        Jakob Oftebro appeared as Magnus Skarre

Chloë Sevigny appeared as Ane Pedersen/Sylvia Ottersen    J. K. Simmons appeared as Arve Støp

Michael Yates appeared to be Oleg Fauke-Gosev                    Silvia Busuioc appeared as Beautiful Girl

Jamie Clayton appeared as Edda                                                David Dencik appeared as Idar Vetlesen

Peter Dalle appeared to be Jonas Lund-Helgesen               James D’Arcy appeared as Filip Becker

snowman 2017 movie

THE Snowman 2017 Narrative

In a remote cabin, the boy and Sarah, his mother was visited by the abusive biological father, a police official named as Jonas. Right after Jonas beat Sarah and sexually assaulted her, she threatened to tell the wife of Jonas about their boy who is an illegitimate son. Jonas left and Sarah followed in her vehicle with the boy. Throughout their chase, she drifted into the catatonic state, permitting to go of a steering wheel. A boy escaped as an auto crashed into the lake. Despite his begging, his mother remained seated and sinks.

After years, Harry Hole, the inspector with a Norwegian Police Service in Oslo district, struggled with his alcoholism, also with his fresh separation with Rakel, the mother of Oleg, a boy whom Harry had been close to. Right after he received the mysterious letter that signed with the snowman drawing, Harry met the new recruited Katrine Bratt and then accompanies her research into the vanishing of Birte Becker, the lady with a daughter and a husband. The two find the snowman at the house of Becker.

WOUNDS, 2019


GLASS, 2019

Harry realized that Bratt had taken out the police files with no permission at all. He learns that she is searching for the link in between the different missing individual reports, and also with the case in Bergen 9 years after in 2006 has been investigated by the inspector who is an alcoholic dependent, Gert Rafto. Katrine insisted on investigating the latest missing persons’ case with regards to Sylvia Otterson, but then, she and Harry discovered her alive and well at her farm. Then, after they leave, the masked figured beheaded Sylvia with the electrical wire fastening together. Receiving one more call asking specifically for Harry, he and Katrine returned to the farmhouse, met Ane, Sylvia’s identical twin. Sylvia’s body was inside the barn and the head atop the snowman.

snowman 2017 film

Writer’s Notion

For one crime thriller movie to work, it should grip the viewer right through its end. The initial half of the movie had my entire attention, not sure of where their story will be going or what might be revealed, but, as the movie drew on and then the revelations were made, this utterly lost the viewers to how lazy this had been. They storytelling, which felt really strong in its initial half was really absent in its second, none of their revelations are as impactful as it should have been and the finality comes so abruptly. The movie did not seem to complete the story properly before the closing came with such a continuation baiting final scene.

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