The Strangers Prey at Night 2018

The movie is an American slasher film by director Johannes Roberts with the writer and director of the first sequel, Bryan Bertino, and this is the sequel to The Strangers 2008 film. The movie is about a family trip to the private mobile home park, wherein they had been attacked by the three masked offenders.

The Strangers Prey at Night 2018

The Cast Lists

Christina Hendricks played as Cindy

Rachel Kuhn played as Waitress

Bailee Madison played as Kinsey

Lewis Pullman played as Luke

Preston Sadleir played as Officer Brooks

Emma Bellomy played as Dollface

Mary Louise Casanta played as Aunt Sheryl

Martin Henderson played as Mike

Damian Maffei played as the Man in Mask

Leah Roberts played as Young Mother

Ken Strunk played as Uncle Marv

Gabriel Byrne played as Young Son

Lea Enslin played as the Pin-Up Girl

The Story Line

Zero years after the initial attack, in the secluded trailer area in Kalida, Ohio, there are three masked strangers; namely Dollface, Man in Mask and Pin-Up Girl, who arrived in the truck in the evening to the couples’ latest trailer. Dollface wake with a sleeping female tenant, knocking in the front door. The moment the female resident awakens to investigate, she saw someone that is already inside the house and confronted Dollface, however, Dollface instantly killed her and then lay down in the bed next to a lady’s sleeping husband in such a creepy manner.

In the meantime, Cindy and his husband Mike takes the family trip with the children, Kinsey and Luke, to their uncle and aunt’s trailer park to use up their time together just before Kinsey left for boarding school. Right after arriving, they encounter the unmasked Dollface at their front door. She asked for Tamara, but Cindy turned her away. Kinsey and Luke staggered upon the trailer with a door open. Inside, there are signs seen with foul play and the altercation. They located their uncle and aunt savagely murdered.

The Strangers -Prey at Night 2018

Going back to the family unit trailer, Dollface visited the second time and yet again go away. Troubled by their weird encounter, Cindy and Mike take their things altogether to locate for the kids, who were in hysterics. Luke as followed by Mike to locate for the bodies. Kinsey and Cindy returned to the trailer in search for their phones smashed into portions and one from the masked offenders within. Cindy assisted Kinsey to escape the house just before being stabbed into her death by Dollface. Luke and Mike find the corpse and located the voice mail where Cindy leaved there for their uncle, realizing that the criminals had heard the message and were waiting for them to arrive. Right after arriving at the kin trailer, they discovered Kinsey is missing and then Cindy is dead. After that devastating moment, they drove their minivan around the place and shout for Kinsey, but this Man in Mask violently tossed a brick in the van, that cause Mike to clash to the trailer counting their van.

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The Writers View

The music is one of the best parts in the movie. The 80s themed music is so long, especially in the pool scene. This movie slowly ramps-up tensions and when it strike full bore it will never stop. It is relenting. The stars are of course, doing things that are not that nice to see, but that’s part of the course in movies. Finally, you do care and want them to endure. The movie does not really bring anything original into the table however, what it does really bring was that it did really well. The movie is recommended to fans of slash genre and of an original movie.

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