The Visit, 2015

This American movie is a horror film all in one directed produced and written by director M. Night Shyamalan. Olivia DeJonge played as Becca and Ed Oxenbould played as Tyler was the lead stars.

The Visit, 2015

The Visit is a movie about two Philadelphia teenagers, Becca and Tyler, who arranged a five-day visit to their motherly grandparents while their separated mother Loretta had a cruise with her latest boyfriend. The teenagers have not yet seen their grandparents and so they planned to document a film regarding their visit. The kids mother Loretta, played by Kathryn Hahn states that she has not talked to her parents for about fifteen years since she got married with Corin. He is the substitute high school professor and her parents did not approve for her to marry him. But after not so-long togetherness of 10 years of marriage, Corin left them for his mistress and transferred to California. Loretta tells Becca slight about her disagreement with her parents that led to their rift off, telling that she demand for the details from them instead.

Becca and Tyler get the chance to meet their grandparents, Peter McRobbie whom the kids called “Pop Pop” and Deanna Dunagan referred as “Nana”. When they are already established in the remote farmhouse, Tyler and Becca are told of not going at the basement since it has toxic molds. In the everning, Pop-Pop told Tyler and Becca that since they are old, their sleeping time is 9:30 p.m. After an hour from the curfew, Becca go downstairs to check for something to eat and finds Nana projectile is vomiting. Then, Becca told it to Pop-Pop, but he rejects it since Nana is having stomach flu. As an outcome from the strange behaviors that the seemed to be grandparents showed to the kids during their stay, Becca ask over Loretta regarding what really happened when she left her parents. Loretta told that she and her mother had a fight and then her father spank her. After that, she goes away and disregarded their efforts of contacting her. Loretta finally admitted that reconciliation was possible if she only allows it to happen. She told Becca and Tyler to not hold on to their anger over their father Corin.

The film is a combination of both horror and comedy. It’s hilarious in the majority of the scenes but it is also creepy, and this is what Mr. Night is being popular of making, to make you laugh and scream at equal time. The movie success is how it efficiently jumps between the 2 genres and normally on the dime. Although there are lots of screams and laughs as well, the movie is full of surprising instances of drama. Credits should be given to M. Night who handles to get eminent presentations from his actors, a greeting change right after the wooden and stilted acts in some of his last films.


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