The Witch, 2015

The Witch, 2015This horror movie is written by director Robert Eggers, for his directorial debut. The plan scheme go after the Puritan family meeting services of devil in the forest beyond their farm in New England, forces that can be either be real or imaginative.

In 17th century, William is detached from the Puritan Christian farm in New England next to his family — wife Katherine, son Caleb, daughter Thomasin, and fraternal twins Jonas and Mercy— because of the crime of prideful arrogance. The family is banished and constructed a ranch by a huge forest. After some months, Katherine gave birth to Samuel, her fifth kid. One day, when Thomasin is having fun with Samuel, the infant vanishes. The witch in the forest is exposed to have stolen the infant, after which she murdered him and aids his blood and plump to create a rapid ointment, which she stroke over herself.

Katherine is distress by Samuel’s vanishing and uses her days praying and crying to God. While chasing for food, Caleb deals with his father regarding the fate of his brother’s soul that is not yet baptized while William exposed that he exchange Katherine’s silvery cup for chasing supplies. Back on the ranch, the twins was having fun with Black Phillip, the family’s dark goat, whom they assert as speaking one. That evening, Katherine exposed that she charge Thomasin for Samuel’s sudden vanished.

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The next sunrise, Thomasin and Caleb goes hunting. The siblings meet a hare that William and Caleb had observed the day before. Their dog gives trail and Caleb goes next. The uproar caused Thomasin’s horse to toss her, pounding her ignorance. After being mislaid, Caleb find out their pet has been eviscerate and is then detained by the witch. Thomasin wakes up and came back but Caleb was not there. Katherine charged her for Caleb and the vanished of her silvery cup. To rescue Thomasin from the mother’s anger, William confessed that he was the only one who takes her silver. That evening, Thomasin find out that Caleb, ill and naked, has handled to go back to the farm.

The witch

The movie won in the United States Dramatic group the Directing Award of the Sundance Film Festival of 2015. The moments were not proper given how people handle each other many centuries ago, and a perfect setting for a terror tale. I can’t tell that it is that scary, but I know that grasp the support pretty tough for most of the movie. This really is the kind of horror movie that is worth watching. No jump-scare, focus on a dark and the acting is really convincing, threatening atmosphere rather than gross and bloody. This is one of those movies films I would tag as a psychological spy movie, as the paranormal horrors movie are almost totally out of view as we watch the fall down of family who were all affected, turning one another as their trust is really tested.


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