The Wretched, 2019

This is another American supernatural horror movie directed and written by Brett Pierce with Drew T. Pierce and the movie plot follow the young boy who discovered the an evil witch within the nearby forest and must stop it from damaging his neighbors.

Cast Lists

  • John-Paul Howard appeared as Ben                        
  • Jamison Jones appeared as Liam
  • Ross Kidder appeared as Officer Guthrie               
  • Zarah Mahler appeared as Abbie
  • Gabriela Quezada Bloomgarden appeared as JJ  
  • Madelynn Stuenkel appeared as The Wretch
  • Azie Tesfai appeared as Sara                                       
  • Richard Ellis appeared as Gage
  • Kevin Bigley appeared as Ty                                        
  • Kasey Bell appeared as Officer Kopitar
  • Piper Curda appeared as Mallory                              
  • Blane Crockarell appeared as Dillon


In the 1985, Megan arrived at the house of the Gambels for a babysit work for the Gambels daughter. In the basement, she locates a creature supplying food to the little girl. Afraid, she tried to run away but Mr. Gambel on purpose shuts the door to her. Megan is assumed killed. There is a strange sign that is revealed on the door.

Within the present, Ben arrives to be with Liam, his father, since his parents had been in the center of divorce. Ben takes a job operating at the marina, wherein he became friends with Mallory. He also observes Liam is close with Sara, while another woman is working there. At the forests, Dillion, Abbie’s son, Liam’s neighbor, finds the tree with a similar symbol noticed in the Gambel home. He heard what sounds like the voice of Abbie coming from a tree, describing him before the actual Abbie appears. They take a buck home, which they hit and during that evening, something crawled out of the corpse buck.

Ben befriends Dillon. During that evening, Abbie went to check for Sam in the crib. Inside the room, she heard the crunching sound and saw the blood. She has been attacked. Then later, Ben noticed Abbie going in the forest with the kid. At work, he discovers that Dillon never presented up for sailing teachings. When he went to the house of Dillon, Ty denied having a son. Then later on, Abbie whispered something demonic in the ears of Ty that made him bleed. She took the shower and then her body started to decay.

Writer’s Notion

The movie had that lower budget, but not like with the other movies, it both sounds and looks excellent; there is obviously a very competent construction in every department here. The film had a lovely opening, but, its story skips right all along, and no annoying teens heavy story, although they are there and in lead roles, seeing what a ‘stupid’ old individual are not.

With engaging and competent performances all around coming from what appears like mostly ‘newbies’, winning and unusual monster effects, no unnecessary jump scare, and creepy moments, you will find here a bit to complain about. There had been the back story, with a lead in discovering that particular witch online, but, this would have been extended, to make of a more engaging tale. The further improvement could have been spent in a little more cash on the soundtrack, and it is mostly unobtrusive and effective, if a bit generic.

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