They Look Like People (2015)


This is a kind of independent psychological horror movie that was shot, written, edited, directed and produced by Perry Blackshear and this marks his quality movie debut as a director. The movie had their world premiere at the Slamdance Movie Festival, where it succeeded a distinguished jury award. It leads star here believes that people is being taken over secretly by evil being.

The Cast Lists:

andrewMacLeod Andrews played as Wyatt

mickMick Casale played as the Psychiatrist

3602411_3Evan Dumouchel played as Christian

elenaElena Greenlee played as Sandy

magaretMargaret Ying Drake played as Mara


The Story Line:

The story is about two close friends Christian and Wyatt, who reunite in the City of New York, where Christian requested Wyatt to reside in his apartment. Wyatt has departed in himself, having a recent break up with his fiancé, while on the other hand, Christian, who broke with his girlfriend, tried to counteract his unsteadiness with aggressive machismo and bodybuilding. As these two old friends bond together, Wyatt was invited by Christian together with the date that he was with his supervisor, Mara, phoning ahead and requesting Mara to tempt her friend to come too.

Christian and Wyatt succeeded to discover that Mara’s buddy Sandy has injured and felt herself. Wyatt checked Sandy and suggested that she must go to the hospital. Christian, Wyatt, and Mara used the night in the waiting area until Sandy is discharged, and Mara appreciatively thanks Christian for hanging on. As Christian stroll Mara onto the subway, he did not pass to take the plan to smack her Goodnight. Wyatt assures Christian that Mara is perhaps still concern with him in spite of the ending. Right after Christian fell asleep, Wyatt takes an anonymous telephone call, where a jumbled voice told him that he has little time to rescue himself, and he must go away from the city and get ready for the demonic attack.


Christian and Mara persist in seeing each other. Wyatt takes a subsequent telephone call, and this time with Mara’s voice, warning him to threatened signs of the catastrophe and the scenery of the demons, particularly how they infected humans. Wyatt awards with a psychiatrist regarding his doubts of psychosis, but slashed the session short when it happened to encouraging the psychiatrist being possessed by demons. Wyatt store guns in the Christian’s cellar and contemplates alternately both murder and suicide of passerby he considered to be infatuated.

The Writers View

The movie is such an excellent movie. This kind of film doesn’t need any specific tags because the plot itself revolves around the friendly relationship in between two guy friends for some days in New York. Sure, that one of them is not sure of himself, and so he overpays off. The other has a vigorous amount of assurance and seemed at ease with himself. One of them also undergone from a mental disease, and it’s possibly the one you might suppose from brief portrayal of their character. Throughout the movie, their relationship has been tested and examined. The movie establishes an ambiance of dread very efficiently, though this is scattered by sporadic humor. The plan did not go with what is expected, but still the ending is surprising.


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