These are the best horror movies for the year 2018. This genre starts from the past year’s movie will continue to threaten us since these movies have no shortage of their streaming screams, and the theatrical terrifies to slake the thirst for blood spills, thrills, and chills. With the lists of the Best Horror Movies here, every scary movie that is presented really hit in the biggest theatre worldwide and is now available for online viewing. The lists here are the most updated guides of movie titles since there are no bad horror movies in this menu.


Leah Reyes is one teenager that is fascinated with the use of occult practices and black magic. Following the passing away of Leah’s father, Leah’s grieving mother settles to transfer to the secluded woodland house to have that fresh beginning, obliging Leah to go away from her school friends and just join her. But, Leah’s bond with her mother soon afterwards, and she then regrets her actions. The movie ended with Leah being interrogated by the police detective regarding her mother’s passing. After playing the recording of the 911 call of Leah where stated there that the body of her mother is in the woods, and the detective revealed that the body the police discovered was a burned body from the remains of their house. Leah was shocked as she realizes that the Pyewacket deceived her into killing her own mother.

Movie Stars – Laurie Holden, Nicole Muñoz, Eric Osborne and Chloe Rose and under the direction of Adam MacDonald.



It is about a cruel mugging that leaves Grey Trace to be paralyzed inside the hospital while his beloved wife is already dead. The billionaire creator soon offered Trace the cure, the artificial intelligence implant that is called as STEM, which will enhance his entire body. Now being able to stroll, Grey discovered that he has superhuman agility and strength, and these skills he used to seek vengeance against the thugs that destroyed his life.

Movie Stars – Betty Gabriel, Logan Marshall-Green, Harrison Gilbertson, and Benedict Hardie with their director Leigh Whannell.



In the consequences of the zombie-like epidemic, the rural areas of Quebec are devastated and with only few survivors enduring. Bonin and Vézina his friend, patrols with shotguns, blasting those infected ones while entertaining each other with the doctor jokes. While they are out, Vézina was drawn out to the forest, being surrounded and attacked. One more survivor, Céline, the wife and mother drives, alone, and murdered those infected as she discovered them with the machete. Céline wandered onto the possessions of two armed, elderly women, Pauline and Therese, who told Céline to undress so they can see if she has some parts of the body that has been bitten. When they saw that Céline was clean, they allowed her to take in.

Movie Stars – Monia Chokri, Marc-Andre Grondin, Micheline Lanctôt, and Brigitte Poupart with their movie director Robin Aubert.



Annie Graham here is the miniature artist that stays in Utah with Steve, her husband. Peter their son who is 16 years old and Charlie their daughter who is 13-year-old. At the interment of Ellen Leigh, her mysterious mother, Annie delivered a eulogy clearing up their full relationship. After a week, Steve was informed that the grave of Ellen has been despoiled, while Annie taught, she saw a spirit of Ellen in the workshop. At the support team for the bereaved family, Annie revealed that the other members of the family also suffered from a mental disability that also resulted in their passing.

Movie Stars – Gabriel Byrne, Toni Collette, Milly Shapiro, and Alex Wolff with their director Ari Aster.



Dumped, evicted, fired, Eli jumps at the opportunity to escape the town on the errand upstate. Overwhelmed by an odd illness, the journey culminates with the affair with the woman that shares his eating of hair habits. This is a movie will fling their audience on the roller-coaster rides of emotions and lovingly balanced by the vulnerable actors, colorful cinematography and the gritty pulsating soundtrack.

Movie Stars – Michael Godere, Charles Gould, Chelsea Lopez, and Michael Patrick Nicholson under director Xander Robin.



This movie says to not take your mistress with your yearly guys’ getaway, particularly if it is devoted to hunting because in this movie, Jen was enjoying the romantic getaway with the rich boyfriend until the two sleazy friends of him came for the unannounced hunting tour. As tension rises in the house, a situation viciously and abruptly intensifies, concluding a shocking act which leaves Jen brutalized and being left dead. Sadly for her attacker, she survived and soon started a relentless search for a bloody revenge. This movie about the three cruel wealthy married men will surely give a lesson.

Movie Stars – Guillaume Bouchède, Vincent Colombe, Kevin Janssens, and Matilda Ingrid Lutz with their director Coralie Fargeat.


In 1983, at the Pacific Northwest, the outsiders Mandy Bloom and Red Miller lead a peaceful and a loving existence. When the pine-scented haven savagely ruined by a sect headed by the sadistic Jeremiah Sand, Miller is catapulted to the phantasmagorias journey laced with fatal fire and full of bloody vengeance.

Movie Stars – Nicolas Cage, Ned Dennehy, Linus Roache, and Andrea Riseborough under the direction of Panos Cosmatos.

mandy image


Alice Ackerman was as an online cam girl, occasionally nude shows, and broadcasting live from the studio she had set up inside her home with a name “Lola_Lola”. Alice was obsessed with the rank on her cam site, wishing to break to the highest 50 and to jump to number 1. In the meantime, her mother was not aware of her job, considering that she is working in the web development. In a show, Alice imitates suicide on the camera by a false slit in her throat, making the fake blood to downpour from the prosthetic on the neck. That fake suicide gains her popularity and increased large tips. She even video chats with the site’s owner, Barney, and he told her that he will be in the area soon, recommending that they met while he is still in town. Alice wrote the location and the date before Barney abruptly logs off.

Movie Stars – Madeline Brewer, Devin Druid, Imani Hakim, and Melora Walters with their movie director Daniel Goldhaber.

CAM image 2018


Justin and Aaron are brothers that receive the videocassette in the mail created by Camp Arcadia, the group they fit in as young adults. Aaron and Justin’s recollection of affairs differ; Justin said that the group was the UFO death sec, but Aaron recalled them as the friendly and the harmless commune. Aaron pointed out that a video cassette proved that the members were still alive. However, Justin is worried which talk of “ascension” can be the code for some mass suicide in the future. Fed up with the inability to be friends or find better jobs since he left Camp Arcadia, Aaron encouraged Justin to go back for just a day.

Movie Stars – Justin Benson, Callie Hernandez, Tate Ellington, and Aaron Moorhead and by directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.

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Over the three months in year 2020, most of the animals and the human population of the Earth have been weary by blind extraterrestrial creatures which originated from the meteor shower impacting the Earth. These creatures that are attacking anything that are making noise have the hypersensitive hearing and unbreakable armored skin. This Abbott family with husband Lee, wife Evelyn, sons Beau and Marcus, and congenitally hearing impaired daughter Regan– silently search for supplies in the deserted town and while they are out, they are communicating with the ASL or the American Sign Language. Beau, the four-year-old son was drawn to the battery-powered shuttle toy, however; Lee takes that away because of the noise it is making. Regan gives back the plaything to Beau, and also takes those batteries that the father has removed earlier. Beau activated the toy again when they are crossing the bridge heading home and this gives their location to the nearby creature that killed Beau before Lee can actually rescue him. Movie Stars – Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, John Krasinski, and Millicent Simmonds with director John Krasinski.

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