5 Silent Night Deadly Night Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

Silent Night is not just a song that we enjoy during Christmas, but this can also be enjoyed with the movies that you can watch during the Christmas season. Here are the five Silent Night horror movies that you can enjoy this Yuletide season. Enjoy and don’t be afraid!

1984 – Silent Night, Deadly Night

During the Post-Halloween in 1978, there was the gold rush of the trashy holiday that turned-slasher movies which couldn’t hold the candle to J. Carpenter‘s inspired terrifying classics. This movie was released under the direction of Charles Sellier Jr. and was probably the not so famous silent night of all. The public response to its R-rated pierce fest’s promotional campaign—prominently presenting the murderer Santa–was overwhelmingly depressing. The movie is one sleazy good time movie for a specific target audience and there is a pulpy charm into it.

1987 - Silent Night, Deadly Night 2

1987 – Silent Night, Deadly Night 2

The movie is considered as the laziest entry of this franchise; an important chunk is a “great hit”-like the recap of chapter 1. Then finally, it has been delivered to the campy story cored over the first movie’s killer’s brother.  The movie is well known over the internet as one of its not so famous line readings ever!

1987 - Silent Night, Deadly Night 2

1989 – Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 is “Better Watch Out!”

The movie was released close by the end of year 1980 and it is a slasher craze movie about the scientist that links the psychic blind girl’s mind and the comatose killer. It’s the last movie to follow a saga started inside one; the other entries don’t relate standalone stories.

1989 - Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 is “Better Watch Out!”


1990 – Silent Night, Deadly Night 4 is “Initiation”

The movie is about witches and the supernatural bugs. The strange and Gory, Initiation benefits largely from the deliciously campy performed from the Swedish beautiful Maud Adams and Clint Howard.

1990 - Silent Night, Deadly Night 4 is “Initiation”

1991 – Silent Night, Deadly Night 5 is “The Toy Maker”

In one undeniably, ironic amusing bit of casts, the silver screen legends Mickey Rooney leads in the 5th entry, as the shopkeeper holding fatal secrets. Rooney had popularly talked out against that 1984 initial picture, taking offense (like many did) to juxtaposing of the religious holidays and the sleazy subject matter. And with the well-regarded shocking ending of The Toy Maker had become a cult classic.

1991 - Silent Night, Deadly Night 5 is “The Toy Maker”

Silent Night (2012)

This movie about a mysterious man that was clothed in a Santa Claus suit is completed with a mask. The moment it is dressed, “Santa” will capture and will kill, like killing Jordan, the deputy Sheriff, in their little village of Cryer, Wisconsin. The married Alana and Jordan were sleeping and were electrocuted with the Christmas lights inside the house. The next day, Christmas Eve, Sheriff Cooper, a Sheriff of Cryer, called Deputy Aubrey Bradimore about her day off the moment that Jordan did not arrive from work. Aubrey was the latest addition to the office of the Sheriff, and is still rolling from that unexpected passing of John, her husband. She does not think she is a good deputy, because she was trying to stay with her father, who’s a retired Sheriff. And then, Aubrey will be spending the holidays with her parents place, but instead, she went out to check Jordan, discovering the mangled body with Roach, who had been dismembered, during that day also. Sheriff Cooper settles not to say Mayor Revie, not until that the case is being solved.

Silent Night (2012)

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