Trick, 2019

The film is an American slasher movie directed by Patrick Lussier and with many stars to complete the trick.

Cast Lists

  • Jamie Kennedy appeared as Dr. Steven
  • Robert G. McKay appeared as Agent Swift
  • Tony Mitchell appeared as Chief Gunn   
  • Kristina Reyes appeared as Cheryl Winston          
  • Dani Shay appeared as Deputy Green
  • Kevin A. Wall appeared as Diner Client   
  • Tom Atkins appeared as Talbott
  • Alex Breaux appeared as Len      
  • Jerome Charvet appeared as Deputy Slater
  • Ana-Maria Corizo appeared as Cheryl’s Mother
  • Aaron Dalla Villa appeared as Smooth Johnny
  • Todd Farmer appeared as Deputy Wan
  • Hillary Greer appeared as Nurse Helen
  • Robert M. Jimenez appeared as Cheryl’s Dad
  • Vanessa Aspillaga appeared as the Agent Tina Mendez
  • Raith Kell appeared as the Orderly Thomas
  • Max Miller appeared as Troy
  • Thom Niemann appeared as Patrick Weaver
  • Adrienne Rose Bengtsson appeared as Brooke
  • Gary J. Tunnicliffe appeared as the Principal
  • Allen Wall appeared as the Short Scared Ghost
  • Ellen Adair appeared as the Sheriff Lisa Jayne
  • Kya Brickhouse appeared as Nicki
  • Summer Crockett Moore appeared as Patricia Denver
  • Omar Epps appeared as Detective Mike Denver
  • Sasha Diamond appeared as the Deputy Iris Reddick
  • Austin Ferris appeared as the Student
  • Melody Hu appeared as Janice


In Benton, NYC in 2015, the senior high school Patrick “Trick” Weaver had been playing spin a bottle at the Halloween party by using the knife having the “TRICK” and “TREAT” imprinted in the opposite areas of the grip when it landed on the other boy. Their other players teased Trick and told him to smack the other boy. Patrick grabbed the knife and stabbed the 5 teens until their death before being blown with the fire poker. While at the hospital, Detective Mike Denver wished to take out the Halloween paint of the face that is hiding Trick’s face, however, Trick flips his hospital bed and then escaped, slaughtering people all throughout the hospital through using the surgical equipment.

Detective Mike Denver and the Sheriff, Lisa Jayne shot Trick so many times and he fell out of the window onto the street just beneath, but then disappeared into the river. While the police is doing interviews, Troy stated that he also stabbed Trick with a poker, but their students gave contradictory descriptions of the appearance of Trick. No one had ever met the parents of Trick’s, Trick’s registered address happened to be the dockyard, and the 2-faced pumpkin masks that Trick had been wearing in their party disappeared from evidence.

In year 2016, Trick used the similar knife to kill students and teachers at a high school Halloween dance in Riverton, New York. In 2017, there are more bodies that had been found in a Halloween party at Hudson Village, NYC. In October, 2018, Detective Denver warned the two agents in the Shady Creek, NYC that Trick would attack there due that they had been situated along the similar river where every attacked have occurred. Whilst in the bar, Trick surprised them and killed the two agents.

Writer’s Notion

As this movie continues, it tries to make sense about how seemingly the normal teenage male would endure a few gunshots. While lots of the movie plays out like the supernatural-tinged slasher, in the last fifteen minutes of this movie, where a movie finally revealed what is really been happening, is likely to inspire lots of rolling and groaning eyes. There is that piece of a motivating idea in there; however, it is not a well-performed as it would have been. There has been the final twist in the end that is totally a groaner and had made no sense or whatsoever. The acting is at least tolerable for most of the movie and it is nice to view genre star Tom Atkins receives something to make every time. It also might become one of the best of the present “the corpses in the haunted house are true” movies that seemed to be emerging all the time and there had been some better suspense in all directions too.

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