Trick ‘r Treat 2007

The film is an American anthology comedy and horror movie directed and written by Michael Dougherty with the producer Bryan Singer. It is relating 4 Halloween horror tales with the mutual element in them, which is Sam; the mysterious kid trick-or-treaters who are wearing the shabby pajamas in orange foot with the burlap sack covering his head. His character makes the appearance in every story whenever one with the other characters broke that Halloween tradition.


Dylan Baker appeared as the Principal Steven Wilkins      Leslie Bibb appeared as Emma

Jean-Luc Bilodeau appeared as Schrader                             Brian Cox appeared as Mr. Kreeg

Isabelle Deluce appeared as Sara                                          Moneca Delain appeared as Janet

Patrick Gilmore appeared as the Cameraman Bud            Alberto Ghisi appeared as Chip

C. Ernst Harth appeared as Giant Baby                                Richard Harmon appeared as Vampire Kid

Quinn Lord appeared as Peeping Tommy/Sam                  Connor Levins appeared as Billy Wilkins

Britt McKillip appeared as Macy                                             Laura Mennell appeared as Allie

Brett Kelly appeared as Charlie                                             Tahmoh Penikett appeared as Henry

Gerald Paetz appeared as the Young Kreeg                        Anna Paquin appeared as Laurie

Lauren Lee Smith appeared as Danielle                               Keanen Schnoor appeared as Matthew

Samm Todd appeared as Rhonda                                         Rochelle Aytes appeared as Maria

Christine Willes appeared as Mrs. Henderson                    James Willson appeared as Alex


The movie happened over the path of Halloween in the fictional Warren Valley City, Ohio. Its tale is told in the nonlinear narrative, with the characters crossing the paths with one another throughout the movie. At the core center of the tale is Sam, the odd trick-or-treater clothe in pajamas and the burlap sack that appeared to enforce the Halloween “rules”.


During the opening scenario, Emma together with Henry, her Halloween-loving hubby returned home after the celebratory evening. Henry directly sleeps, but Emma starts tearing down the decorations before the evening’s end, and is killed by the unseen assailant. Henry discovered her injured corpse on display together with the ornaments hours later.

The Principal

Charlie, the obese vandal that smashed jack-o’-lanterns, has been caught stealing candies from the unattended bowl gone by Steven Wilkins, the school principal. Wilkins continued on lecturing Charlie about the significance of respecting the many rules, regulations and traditions of Halloween. Charlie starts to projectile vomit, then, Wilkins revealed that he spiked a candy with cyanide. Then, when trying to cover up the death of Charlie, he ended up giving out candies to the trick-or-treaters, with Sam. Wilkins’ worked burying Charlie with another child in his backyard is frequently intermittent by his very young son Billy with the elderly fellow, Mr. Kreeg, a mark recluse whose only buddy is a dog. Wilkins took Charlie’s severed head inside so he with Billy can be able to carve the jack o’ lantern, with Billy seemingly carefree if that head is actually real or not.

Halloween School Service Massacre

The crowd of Sara, Chip, Schrader and Macy, the trick-or-treaters met Rhonda, a fanatic of Halloween, said to become a savant. The crowd traveled to the local flooded quarry wherein Macy recalled the urban myth of a “Halloween school service massacre,” which took the lives of the 8 mentally challenged kids in the school service on Halloween. Their driver, who was paid by the worn-out relatives to dispose them, was just the one survivor of the massacre. The crowd offered 8 jack-o’-lanterns to become the tribute to the deceased kids. Then, they pose as zombies for Rhonda’s prank and she is very afraid. When Schrader defended Rhonda, the jealous Macy ended up kicking a lantern into the quarry, making the undead killed children to come out of the shady water. The crowd flees, however, Rhonda alone escaped, leaving the rest to die at a zombie kid’s hand. She briefly encountered Sam while leaving then the two of them exchanges the nod of respect.

The Surprise Party

Laurie, the self-conscious young lady, arrived in the city with Danielle her sister, and friends Janet and Maria. They pick up the dates, rescued Laurie, who wanted her “initial time” to be exclusive and declined the invitation for the get-together to take pleasure the city festival instead. Laurie encountered the hooded serial killer, clothed as a vampire and then she was attacked. At the bonfire, Laurie’s friends witness the guy (now severely hurt) falling out of the tree and unmasked him, revealing to be Wilkins. Then, Laurie appeared, having decided to unite them for the occasion, and the gals transformed into werewolves, engulfing Wilkins and the deceased dates. Sam saw the feast.


Whilst Wilkins was preparing to lays to rest Charlie’s body, Kreeg shocks away kids to steal their candies, aided by the dog. Sam broke into the house, decorating it of the Halloween memorabilia. Sam, revealed as the demonic-appearing pumpkin-headed kid, attacks Kreeg. But, instead of murdering the aged man, he took the chocolate bars that landed in the lap of Kreeg. Satisfied that Kreeg gave him candies, thus fulfilling the Halloween traditions, Sam took his leave from a confused Kreeg. Pictured in the fireplace disclose Kreeg as the school bus driver that had been killed the 8 children.

Writer’s Notion

This movie deserves that one big round of applause and this is certainly one of those finest movie that is recommended to watch. From the time it will start, you will have that feeling that you are going to like it. The movie had that fair amount of cash chucked its way and the set seemed to be fantastic. The movie is really is really unbelievable, starting from the actors acting up to the upshots of the direction – the entire thing is really masterful.

The movie itself basically was set on Halloween, with the bunch of tales interweave into a very clever means, it’s sort of like one CREEPSHOW movie, but each story is not a standalone, they all go on at the similar time and come altogether in the end. The movie is one of the best, because there are lots of bundle of great happening and surprises littered all throughout! It will make someone think how a movie like this gets disregarded and shelved.

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