Truth or Dare 2018

The film is an American supernatural horror movie under the direction of Jeff Wadlow and with writers Michael Reisz, Chris Roach, Wadlow, and Jillian Jacobs. The film followed the group of college learners who played the game truth or dare during their vacation in Mexico, and only to understand it has deadly outcomes if they do not follow through on the tasks.

Lucy Hale

The Cast Lists

Lucy Hale played as Olivia Barron 

Andrew Howard played as Randall Himoff

Sam Lerner played as Ronnie

Landon Liboiron played as Carter / Sam Meehan

Hayden Szeto played as Brad Chang 

Joe Ochman played as the accent of Callux

Tyler Posey played as Lucas Moreno

Aurora Perrineau played as Giselle Hammond

Vera Taylor played as Inez Reyes

Sophia Taylor Ali played as Penelope Amari

Tom Choi played as Official Han Chang

Violett Beane played as Markie Cameron

Ezmie Garcia played as Young Inez

Nolan Gerard Funk played as Tyson Curran

Gary Anthony Williams played as the accent of the demon

The Story Line

The university learner Olivia, Markie, Lucas, Penelope, Tyson, and Brad go on a tour to Rosarito, Mexico. While they are in Mexico, Olivia runs to another learner, Ronnie, who harassed her until one man intervenes. Carter, the man convinced Olivia and her buddies to join him with the couple of drinks at the remains of the church. There, Carter started the game Truth or Dare together with the team plus Ronnie. Penelope has been dared to have a smack with Olivia. Finally, the game ended when Carter revealed that he tricked a group to taking the place in the supernatural edition of the game. Then Carter left after giving them warning that they should take the game in a serious manner or they will lose their lives.

Then in the university, Olivia takes the sign marking it is her time. She experiences some hallucinations prompting the “Truth or Dare“. At the library, she decides truth and is being told to inform her best buddy Markie’s deepest secret. Olivia revealed that Markie continuously cheats on Lucas and with him in an earshot.

At the college bar, Olivia learned that Ronnie passed away when he did not pass in completing the dare. Olivia gathered her friends and tried convincing them that their game is real. In line with the order that the ream played in Mexico, it is Markie’s turn. She was then obliged to break the hand of Olivia. In the hospital, Brad was forced to expose his father the real him, that he’s gay.

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Scene truth or dare

The following day, Tyson selects truth, but lied and dies as the consequence of his lies. Later on that evening, it is the turn of Penelope. She tried to choose the truth, but their game forced the dare on her. Penelope needs to drink the vodka and walk along the rim of the house’s roof. She finally falls from that roof, but Brad, Olivia and Markie save her. The team finds out about the lady named as Giselle Hammond, who has been wanted for murder cases. They suspected she is also the participant of this game, and contacted her.

The Writers View

The film is pretty straightforward. As far as legitimately good is concerned, it only takes a bit. There are weird smiles that each of the cast makes at one point being so scary for the others, but for some, it is funny at times.

It all sounds so simple enough. However, the moviemakers still altered the rules all throughout the movie; also, it radically altered what we knew regarding the casts. Maybe these alterations were supposed to point out that the game exposed the real selves and all of the previous facts were false. But it does not totally work since also the characters who know nothing regarding the game change radically from a scene to a next level. This is some sort of a thing that will make a movie clearly bad, however, also secretly type of good since you may also laugh in some badness.

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