Under the Shadow (2016)


The film is globally co-produced terror movie directed and written by Babak Anvari, an Iranian-born national as his directorial debut. The movie is about a daughter and mother who are being haunted by the strange devil in Tehran in 1980, during the Cities War.

The Cast Lists:

Avin Manshadi played as Dorsa

Narges Rashidi played as Shideh

Behi Djanati Atai played as Pargol

Suhaila Armani played as lady prison guard

Hamidreza Djavdan played as Mr. Fakur

Bijan Daneshmand played as the Director

Adel Darageh played as the pot-bellied man

Saussan Farrokhnia played as Mrs. Fakur

Aram Ghasemy played as Mrs. Ebrahami

Ray Haratian played as Mr. Ebrahimi

Jalal Izzat played as glazier

Zeid Jad played as the fire fighter

Nabil Koni played as Mr. Bijari

Arash Marandi played as Dr. Reza

Rami Mehyar played as the revolutionary guard

Ahmad Mehyar played as the paramedics

Bobby Naderi played as Iraj

Houshang Ranjbar played as the senior police officer

Karam Rashayda played as Mehdi

Amir Hossein Ranjbar played as the young soldier

Ehab Rousan played as the revolutionary guard

Abu Rashed as the paramedics

Zainab Zamamiri played as Sogand

Khaled Zamameri played as Ali

Motasem Younis as the fire fighter

The Story Line:


Amidst the fear of war-tattered post-activist in 1980 in Tehran, a previous medical learner Shideh is banned from resuming her learning since her participation with the student leftist crowd. Upon coming home, she removed most of the aged medical textbooks, and keeps the book for medical terminology rewarded for her by the newly dead mother. The war increasing, Shideh elected to remain in the city together with Dorsa, her daughter in spite of the complaints of Iraj, her husband, the doctor that has been called by the army and allocated to the locale of heavy battle. Iraj wanted Shideh to get Dorsa and stayed with his relatives in a secured part of the state, but Shideh, motivated with his offhand reply to her blocking, refuses. Dorsa was really upset to watch her father leaves, and Iraj promised to her that her much loved doll, Kimia, will surely protect her.


A new boy transferred in the neighboring Ebrahimi clan, who were his cousins; his relatives were murdered in an assault. During the shooting, he whispered something to Dorsa’s and handed her an appeal to ward off the devil spirits. Dorsa told Shideh that a boy told her regarding the fable of the Djinn, and a charm can shield her, although Shideh throws it away while clearing-out Dorsa’s room. Shideh visited Mrs. Ebrahimi and asked her to inform her relative not to be scared Dorsa with ghost tales, but an amazed Mrs. Ebrahimi informed her that a boy has been quiet since the deceased of his relatives. Dorsa developed a fever and some swing of nightmarish, and Shideh was also haunted with the same bad dreams.

The Writers’ View:

One of the best things in this movie was the social context and the historical setting that appeared while watching it. On the other hand, this is a claustrophobic resident-based horror movie; there were also real horrors outside the house. The truth is, the house is the shelter for the mother in so many ways, an area where she is not wearing restrictive clothing and my workout with her Jane Fonda videotape. Beyond the secured sanctuary she needs to deal with the repressive system that can fiercely punish her if the clothing is not proper or if they even heard she owned the VCR. The preventive living of ladies during the time of the Cultural Revolution is the actual life terror that the hero experiences out within their home, whereas the supernatural Djinn body is the awfulness she and her daughter suffered within their home. At identical moments, there were horrors of war that constantly occurred with potential fatal consequences and without warning.

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