Valentine, 2001

The film is an American slasher movie of Jamie Blanks as the director and this is loosely based from the novel of a similar name by Mr. Tom Savage, and this movie followed the group of women ladies in San Francisco that had been stalked by the killer who is wearing the Cupid mask.

Cast Lists

  • Chelcie Burgart appeared as the young Paige      
  • David Boreanaz appeared as Adam Carr/Jeremy Melton   
  • Jessica Capshaw appeared as Dorothy Wheeler
  • Fulvio Cecere appeared as the Detective Leon Vaughn   
  • Claude Duhamel appeared as Gary Taylor
  • Chelsea Florko appeared as the young Lily
  • Adam J. Harrington appeared as Jason Marquette
  • Joel Palmer appeared as the young Jeremy Melton
  • Brittany Mayers appeared as the young Kate
  • Mark Mullan appeared as Gang Member 3/Tulga
  • Cody Serpa appeared as Gang Member 2/Tulga
  • Johnny Whitworth appeared as Max Raimi
  • Denise Richards appeared as Paige Prescott
  • Hedy Burress appeared as Ruthie Walker
  • Jessica Cauffiel appeared as Lily Voight
  • Daniel Cosgrove appeared as Campbell Morris
  • Woody Jeffreys appeared as Brian
  • Noel Fisher appeared as Gang Member 1/Tulga
  • Katherine Heigl appeared as Shelley Fisher
  • Kate Logie appeared as the young Dorothy          
  • Sarah Mjanes appeared as the young Shelley
  • Sterling McCay appeared as Joe Tulga    
  • Marley Shelton appeared as Kate Davies


In a JR high school, the St. Valentine’s Day ball in San Francisco in 1988, Jeremy Melton, the outcast student, asked the four famous girls to have a dance. The first 3 girls, Paige, Shelley, and Lily rejected him spitefully, while Kate, a 4th girl, politely responded “maybe later”. The overweight friend Dorothy accepted Jeremy’s invitation and then they proceeded to secretly suggest underneath the bleachers. If a school bully Joe and his friends discovered them, Dorothy claimed that Jeremy sexually harassed her. Joe, together with his friends publicly stripped off and severely beats Jeremy, and then his nose began bleeding under a distress. It’s later revealed that Jeremy had been expelled and finally transferred to the reformed school.

In 2001, after 13 years, Shelley, now one medical learner in UCLA, was at the morgue in one evening studying her medical examination. After taking the vulgar Valentine’s card inside her locker, she was attacked by a guy wearing a trench coat with a Cupid mask. She’s cornered in the cooler used to keep cadavers, where she tried to hide inside the body bag, however, the killer locates her before she was slit in her throat and then the nose of the killer bleeds as she gradually dies. At the funeral of Shelley, Lily, Paige, Dorothy and Kate are questioned. They admitted to not have seen her for quite some time right after she transferred to Los Angeles from San Francisco. Paige, Dorothy and Kate subsequently received obscene cards, each one signed “JM.” Lily receives the card with the chocolate box that she finds are being filled with maggots.

In the meantime, Campbell, Dorothy’s boyfriend, loses his apartment, then, temporarily transferred with her at the large mansion of her father. When the girls attended the exhibit of Max, Lily’s artist boyfriend, they met Ruthie, Campbell’s bitter ex-gf, who accused him of being the con artist. Lily became lost while at the exhibit, then, the killer appeared, who proceeds in repeatedly shooting her with the arrows until she’d fall-out for some more floors into the dumpster.

Writer’s Notion

The movie looked mediocre, and it can be admitted, that although you can have in mind that you expected the movie to be fun at Valentine and entertaining nonetheless When you actually watched Valentine movie, it is amazing at how really great the tale line actually was to the slasher flick, and although it had problems like the other slasher does, it’s really fun and entertaining from the beginning to the end, and that is all you will need from the slasher to be satisfying.

The movie is not really that horrible. The actress and the actors played their parts wonderfully and at least up to the peak of their abilities with the screenplay and the characters that they were provided, and the means it ended had been cunning and brilliant, even if many do not really think so, or had been already put off in that point. There are some scenes that were a bit unbelievable and poor, and there are some minor parts that are being professed that it just got a bit boring, overall the movie was a non-stop entertaining which is something that is really suspenseful.

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