Velvet Buzzsaw, 2019

This is an American satirical horror movie that is directed and written by Dan Gilroy and they had their world premiere at the Sundance Movie Festival on January 27, 2019 but had been released on 2019 on February 1.

Cast Lists

  • Jake Gyllenhaal appeared as Morf Vandewalt     
  • Pat Healy appeared as the guy man from Parlack
  • Billy Magnussen appeared as Bryson                      
  • John Malkovich appeared as Piers
  • Alan Mandell appeared as Vetril Dease                 
  • Mig Macario appeared as Cloudio
  • Rene Russo appeared as Rhodora Haze                 
  • Marco Rodríguez appeared as Ray Ruskinspear
  • Tom Sturridge appeared as Jon Dondon                
  • Sedale Threatt Jr. appeared as Ed
  • Nitya Vidyasagar appeared as Gita                           
  • Zawe Ashton appeared as Josephina
  • Natalia Dyer appeared as Coco                                  
  • Daveed Diggs appeared as Damrish
  • Toni Collette appeared as Gretchen


In Miami Beach, Morf Vandewalt, the art critic attended an art exhibition next to his buddy Josephina, who worked for Rhodora Haze, the proprietor of the Haze arcade and previously an affiliate of the rock group Velvet Buzzsaw. Unhappy with his love Ed, his boyfriend, Morf started her sexual connection with Josephina. Going back to LA, Josephina discovers a deceased man known as Vetril Dease inside her dwelling building and entered his house to locate myriad paintings, and some of which had been partially destroyed.

Josephina stole the paintings to disclose Rhodora and Morf, who became fascinated with Dease. Then, Rhodora decided to exhibit some pieces in the gallery that became an instant success. These artworks captivate Gretchen, the art curator friend of Morf and Piers, the previous artist for this Haze Gallery. Rhodora kept most of the images, and Josephina and Morf keep a bit portion of each.

To make sure the scarcity of the paintings or work of arts, Rhodora ordered gallery worker Bryson in transporting half of them into the storage. Bryson unlocks the crate and decided to keep one of the paintings for him. En route, a painting had been caught by the fire from the cigarette ash he was throwing and burned him, and this caused him to crash down into the gas station. And so when he was heading inside to sanitize the burns, Bryson has been attacked by the painting of those grease monkeys who are fixing the car and then goes missing.

Writer’s Notion

The thought of the movie has been just fantastic, but it did not seem enough to jump deeper into the tale and lacks the impact. With lots of the individuals being pretentious, you will be overwhelmed with the utilization of foreshadow and metaphor. It is expected throughout the entire movie; however, it does not hold sufficient importance. The origin movie on Dease might seem more appealing right after watching the entire movie. The great ambition of the movie has been just to define art, real art that expresses the true human encounter, and also to tell them apart from the overpriced items gathered by those dumb rich individuals who wish to purchase sophistication and taste with money. However, the major problem of the movie is that it just failed to translate their message into a logical cinematic experience which would be enjoyed and reach by the biggest possible audience.

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