Victor Frankenstein 2015

Victor Frankenstein 2015

This is a Sci-fic fantasy horror movie from the contemporary version of Mary Shelley’s novel of 1818 Frankenstein. Director by Paul McGuigan and writer Max Landis with stars James McAvoy as the lead character and Daniel Radcliffe played as Igor makes the movie as good one. The movie received negative reviews and was a box office bomb that grossed only $34.2 million towards the budget of $40 million.

Told from Igor’s point of view, it explains the troubled fresh assistant’s dark beginnings and his redemptive familiarity with the new medical student Frankenstein, Victor. Through Igor’s eyesight, the viewer witnesses the appearance of Frankenstein being the guy from the fable we know now. Ultimately, their researches get them into problems with the system, and Igor and Dr. Frankenstein becomes escapee as they finalize their purpose to aid science as a means of creating life from death.

In London, determined medical student James McAvoy played as Victor Frankenstein attends a circus recital, where he aids in saving a wounded aerialist, Jessica Brown Findlay played as Lorelei, by assisting Daniel Radcliffe, the unnamed hunchback, enslaved imprisoned by the circus’ agitator, and who poet’s feelings for the lass. Astonished by the hunchback’s infinite information on the human anatomy, taken from stealing volumes, Victor saved him, pumped out the cyst on his behind that affects his physical defect and enlarges an attachment to expand his stance, and then called him “Igor” right after a newly departed roommate. The two of them become buddies in Victor’s constant trial to make a life through false means, acquiring the wrath of spiritual Andrew Scott played as police inspector Roderick Turpin, who sees their tests as sinful.

After Igor proposed they aid with electricity to liven up their formation, Victor acquires parts of diseased animals and makes a hideous chimpanzee-esque being called as Gordon. In the meantime, Igor joins with Lorelei, now impersonating as the mistress of a secret homosexual baron, and then, the two had an affair, displeasing Victor, who sees Lorelei as a disruption. Igor asked Lorelei to a revelation on their tests, which goes skewed when Gordon flee and causes havoc through the school before being murdered by Igor and Victor. Lorelei is shocked by Victor’s researches and plead for Igor to deter him from practicing the matter any further, but Igor is hesitant to do so upon knowing that Victor is motivated by wanting to atone for his implicit role in the bereavement of Henry, his matured brother, for which Victor’s bossy father, Charles Dance played as Mr. Frankenstein, blames Victor.

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After a well done circus beginning, the following scenes are somewhat out of place action series involving a slow-motion trail and fight sceneries that appears to be trying to mimic most of the present Sherlock Holmes film stunts. Here they are, not wanted and ruins the flow. One more aspect that appears forced and not needed is a romantic interval between a trapeze artist and Igor. It seems like an add-on to tell us that it’s believed to be Igor’s tales. Moreover, Andrew Scott participates in an exciting Scotland Yard checker who is a bit as fixated with his faith-based thinking as Victor is in his science-has-no-limit stance. A tale told from the Inspector’s viewpoint that might have worked, but as a substitute it comes across one more add-on.



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