Viral (2016)


This film is a science fiction horror movie of directors Henry Joost, and Ariel Schulman, from the screenplay by Barbara Marshall and Christopher Landon. The movie was a limited released through video on record.

When the Filmyard Holdings have put on sale Miramax to the group of beIN Media Group, then Miramax was not anymore the production company for the Viral movie. The movie was released through video on demand on July of 2016 prior to being released on the home-media formats.

The Cast List:

Sofia Black-D’Elia played as Emma Drakeford

Analeigh Tipton played as Stacey Drakeford

Colson Baker played as CJ

John Cothran, Jr. played as Mr. Toomey

Judyann Elder played as Mrs. Toomey

Linzie Grey played as Gracie Lemay

Brianne Howey played as Tara Dannelly

Michael Kelly played as Michael Drakeford

Philip Labes played as Gangly Kid

Travis Tope played as Evan Klein

Stoney Westmoreland played as Bill

The Story Line:


The story is about Emma, who seemed to be the new fish in the small pond. Beginning with the latest school and transferring to the new dwelling place all at once creates her nervous and shy, but Stacey, her big sister who rather live outspoken and free. Then the mysterious kind of parasitic infection or virus breaks out in their little quiet town, and their mother was shut in the airport. The father was obliged to go and take her, trapping him while in the process. Stacey and Emma must now face with surviving and fending for themselves with the unknown virus.


The Writers View

Viral started out compelling and so interesting, but everyone else forgets that it goes after every cliché in a book which concerns the viral outbreak, zombies and the infected movies. Even with the main characters that are likable and then the events began in chaos and cause uproar.

This film surprise you with the thought that was well accomplished and the two main characters felt like they were actual sisters, and that was the top point in every movie how the relationship will unfold, they are total opposites, but still in this circumstance, they care for each other, and the duties of being weak and strong will then go back and forth.

Everything else here is fairly passable since it centers on what will happens when you cut off and the teens will create some dumb choices. There could have been a better, but still, the way it had delivered was pretty enjoyable. This movie is recommended, but be ready for some slow burn.

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