Warm Bodies, 2013

The film is an American paranormal zombie romantic comedy movie written by director Jonathan Levine from the Isaac Marion’s novel with similar names, that in turn was inspired from Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare.

Cast Lists

  • Nicholas Hoult appeared as R     
  • Cory Hardrict appeared as Kevin
  • Teresa Palmer appeared as Julie Grigio
  • John Malkovich appeared as Col. Grigio, leader of human survivors and Julie’s father
  • Rob Corddry appeared as M/Marcus, the friend of R        
  • Dave Franco appeared as Perry Kelvin, boyfriend of Julie
  • Analeigh Tipton appeared as Nora, the friend of Julie


After 8 years after the zombie apocalypse, a zombie named as R, spends his days roving around the airport that is now being filled with his associate undead, with his best buddy M. M. and R achieved rudimentary communication with moans and grunts and the occasional close bywords. As the zombie, R doesn’t have the heartbeat and constantly craved for human flesh, particularly the brains, as he’s able to “sense alive” by experiencing the memories of the victims when he ate them.

While the pack of zombies and R were hunting for their food, they met Julie Grigio and the team of her buddies who had been sent by the father of Julie from the walled-off human commune to recovered medical supplies. Julie was seen by R and is being drawn to her; and his heart now beats for its first time. Right after being blasted in his chest by Perry, Julie’s boyfriend, R killed Perry and ate his brain since Julie is still distracted. The memories of Perry increase R’s attraction over Julie. He rescued her from the other pack by wiping her some of the zombie’s blood over her face, concealing her scent, and took her to the airplane where he resides to keep her secured and safe.

Julie was terrified of R that makes her also suspicious about his intentions. She started trusting him right after he rescued her during the failed escape attempt then locates food for her. Then R insisted that Julie stayed with him for some more days, until he deemed it safe enough before she leave. The two bonded, listening to the records of LP and playing games that will kill time, making R to start to roll up to life; then his heart begins beating and he’s gradually able of communicating with more words. Right after some days, Julie takes restless, and tried to go back home, yet attracted swarms of zombies. Right after fending off the team including M, who’s confused by the actions of R, R chooses to go back her to human enclave.

Writer’s Notion

Finally, this is the closest great zombie romance. You can get to see the zombie life from a perspective of the zombie, who begins to get his feelings for a lady who’s alive. Through the set of scenes, he “rescued” her and then they take refuge within the grounded plane at the airport overrun by undead. There were some original elements that you are not going to witness in some other zombie movie. Initially, the narration by the young zombie providing us insights into the condition and he can hardly utter the words, but weirdly, inside his head, he seemed smart and talked normally.

The original element of the movie was the romance and though, it is not that impressive, but at least this is gradually building, somewhat charming, evading most of those disgusting stuff, and then you will be kind of root for them in the end. The movie had charms, however, the laughs were far and few in between, like most of the other romantic comedies, and because it is supposed to be included in one of those, however, this one with obviously more somber basics. The drama could have used more “teeth” in making the film really memorable and shifting though, and the film will even make you think about Romeo and Juliet too.

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