We Are Still Here 2015

We Are Still Here 2015This American horror movie is directed and written by Ted Geoghegan. The stars are Barbara Crampton played as Anne was the mourning mother who sees herself the center of the assault by bitter spirits together with Andrew Sensenig played as Paul.

In 1979, right after the heartbreaking passed away death of their child Bobby in a auto accident, Anne and Paul Sacchetti have decided to transfer to a new house in the rural are of New England, in expectation that it will take them some end. Paul particularly hopes that it this will beneficial for Anne, as the loss has beat her really hard and makes her to twist into profound depression. On the other hand, when they reached, Anne begun stating again that Bobby is still in the house and then their neighbor Cat secretly informs them to depart the house. The residence itself is the center of various controversies in their locale, as it was constructed in 1800s by the family of Dagmar as a funeral house. The Dagmar’s were allegedly runs out of the community after the people in the finds out that they were cheating their clients by vending the dead body and concealing empty caskets.


Persistent as she is, Anne requested her buddies Jacob and May Lewis, since they are mutually spiritualists and may assist contact Bobby, and also explain away odd supernatural happening in their house. During their emergence the couples goes out to have meal, and which moment Harry, the Lewis’ son show up with Daniella, his girlfriend – only to be automatically murdered by apparitions in their house. The Sacchettis and the Lewises goes home, wherein Dave, Cat’s husband appears at a nearby bistro, killed a waitress, and angrily talked the Dagmar residence with the bistro bartender, telling that the residence have to nourish every 3 decades or the devil underneath it will look out for fresh souls, possibly smashing out the town.

The finest portion in the film apart from the scary ambiance and the gorgeous ice-roofed New England scenes were the very ideal performances by everybody in the cast, particularly Barbara Crampton, also Andrew Sensenig and the exceptional creepy Monte Markham. The film transpires out to be a magnificent surprise. Larry Fessenden provides a bit of ham that he does with glee. The movie eventually blasted in a gore-soaked frenzy although this one keeps prospect of its core characters. It is also amazingly well-paced and will not sag in the center just like others of its kind. It’s also true that the tale isn’t unique but the director, acting, and the effects were so tough that they structure for it. The film is really a better horror movie since director, Geoghegan is very promising and keen to wait for the next feature.

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