What are the top 10 Horror films of 2004?

Here is the countdown of the top horror movies for 2004. These have been viewed thoroughly to come up with the best of all. It is a bit daunting, but it must be fun and terrifying to classify in the horror film review of 2004. Here they are:

The Grudge10. The Grudge

William Mapother, his wife Clea DuVall and mother, Grace Zabriskie were Americans are creating a fresh life in Tokyo. Mutually they transfer into a home that has been the place of supernatural incidence in the past, and it isn’t long before the latest house started terrorizing the Williams clan as well. The home is the place of a pest that remains in a specific location and states the life of someone that comes near.

9. Dawn of Dead

When her small daughter turned into being a zombie and strikes her father, Sarah Polley just handles to break out, only to understand the whole Milwaukee area has been run by the on foot dead. After being asked by policeman Ving Rhames, Ana connects with him and a tiny group that settles to the ordinary shopping center as a bastion of security.

8. Cube: Zero

A monitor settles to assist a captive played by Stephanie Moore to run away from a construction wherein it trapped inhabitant meet terrible deaths.

7. Exorcist – The Beginning

Father Stellan Skarsgard is troubled by his encounters in WWII, when inhabiting in Nazi troops required him to complicit in their violence. In the aftermath, he has forsaken his faith and started dealing with being an archaeologist. He takes a trip in Kenya, where a 15th century Byzantine cathedral takes antique relics. There he meets Izabella Scorupco, a doctor and concentrate on camp survivor. The odd incident that soon started bringing back him with the devil he wanted to escape.

6. Ginger Snaps 2 – Unleashed

This is a follow up from the best werewolf movies ever filmed. Katherine Isabelle is just a smoking hottie of werewolf. A patient named Tatiana Maslany in the rehabilitation center attempted to prevent a young lady, Emily Perkins from changing into becoming a werewolf.

5. Bubba Ho-Tep

After being in an extended coma subsequent with a freak misfortune linking with hip gyration, today aged Bruce Campbell awaken up in the East Texas treatment home, where he makes friends with Ossie Davis, an African-US senior who states to be President JFK. After people of their calm departing community began dying of doubtfully unnatural reasons, Jack and Elvis find out that the executor is Bob Ivy as Bubba Ho-Tep, an Egyptian mummy having murderous purpose.

Dead and Breakfast4. Dead and Breakfast

On the road for a wedding, a set of friends makes a wrong move and stop up in the little town of Lovelock. They check in for a bed-and-breakfast, manage by strange David Carradine. The following morning, the crowd together with a strange man known as Brent David Fraser, is under arrest by the sheriff about some doubtful deaths. During queries, one of the buddies, Oz Perkins, accidentally set free a demonic power that changes the people in the town into zombies.

3. Saw

The Saw movie is a horror license circulated by Lions Gate entertainment and created by Twisted Pictures that contains 7 feature movies and added media.

2. Malevolence

Bank robbers namely Brandon Johnson and Heather Magee get two hostages of a rural building where a successive killer lurks. The woman and the daughter were kidnapped by a group of bank thief who have settled to stay the evening in a home in the center of nowhere.

1. Shaun of Dead

Simon Pegg is a 30-something evader with an easy and dull existence. When he’s not operating in the electronics store, he dwells in his slovenly buddy Nick Frost, in a tiny flat on the borders of London. The only random element in his existence is his girlfriend, Kate Ashfield who desires badly for Shaun to matures up and becomes a man. When the city is mysteriously overrun with lots of zombies, Shaun must emerge to the incident and guard both Liz and mother Penelope Wilton.

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